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Surprise Duo wins $100K Warzone Caldera Challenge event: Final results

Published: 30/Mar/2022 9:57

by Brad Norton


A staggering $100,000 was up for grabs throughout March as the Warzone Caldera Challenge dropped teams into three separate qualifiers ahead of a high-stakes final showdown. While Xamzah & Vapulear came away as the big winners when all was said and done, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how it all played out.

  • Xamzah & Vapulear close out $50,000 Grand Finals.
  • Team Aydan,  Team SuperEvan, & Team Tommey won first three qualifiers respectively.
  • $100,000 prize split across four days of action.
  • Duos kill-race format.

Six-figure Warzone events were back on the menu in March 2022. The Caldera Challenge arrived to give top Duos some fresh competition throughout the month.

Four separate tournaments were locked in as teams battled through a series of online qualifiers ahead of the $50K finals.

If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of everything that went down in the $100K Caldera Challenge.


$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Grand Final Results & Recap

Placement Team Prize
1st Xamzah & Vapulear $30,000
2nd HisokaT42 & Mayappo $10,000
3rd HusKerrs & newbz $5,000
4th Apathy & Slacked $5,000
Top 6 JoeWo & bbreadman
ZLaner & Destroy
Top 8 Braalik & exzachtt
Lenun & Robstar
Rather than dropping into a standard double-elimination for the finals, the Caldera Challenge split qualified teams into four regions. Duos under the North, South, East, and West labels all fought through their own specific bracket.
After three rounds, winners in North and South squared off, as did winners in East and West. This paved the way for the true final showdown in a mammoth best of seven series.
14 hours into the gauntlet of an event, it was Xamzah & Vapulear who met up with HisokaT42 & Mayappo for the final showdown in the month-long series. Naturally, it had to go the full distance at seven maps played in total, but it was Xamzah & Vapulear who eventually came away with the win.

$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Streams & Schedule

The $100K Caldera Challenge tournament had a hub stream directly on the BoomTV Twitch account as things got underway.

This hub stream served as the best way to keep on top of the action across all qualifiers and the main event. Though fans could always tune into their favorite players directly as all competitors were required to stream.

Three separate qualifiers kicked things off early in March ahead of a final showdown towards the end of the month. Below is a full look at the Caldera Challenge schedule:

  • Qualifier #1: Tuesday, March 1 – 11AM PT | 2PM ET
  • Qualifier #2: Tuesday, March 8 – 11AM PT | 2PM ET
  • Qualifier #3: Tuesday, March 22 – 11AM PT | 2PM ET
  • Finals: Tuesday, March 29 – 11AM PT | 2PM ET

$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Players & Teams in the Finals

32 Duos in total were involved in each qualifier during the $100K Caldera Challenge. Though only the top eight from each round secured a spot in the finals.


Below is a complete look at every Duo that successfully qualified and earned their way to the $50K finals on March 29.

Aydan & zSmit Intechs & Stukawaki SuperEvan & DiazBiffle kwrky_ & Angel HusKerrs & newbz Tommey & Almond
Braalik & exzachtt Apathy & Slacked itzwarsz & Skullface49 Xamzah & Vapulear QueenBitty & FinessenTV JoeWo & bbreadman
Rated & EmSage ZLaner & Destroy HisokaT42 & ShiftyTV UnRationaL & Scummn Cely & ItsEyeQew Jukeyz & fifakill
Swagg & Booya NobuSpartan & AyzenLr Blazt & MuTeX Lenun & Robstar Oakleyboiigaming & almighty kenzrosey & zColorss

$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Format

The $100K Caldera Challenge event was split into four separate tournaments. Three qualifiers with $15K prize pools each were followed up by a $50K main event.

Each individual tournament featured a standard Duos kill-race format with 32 teams in a double-elimination bracket. Only the top eight Duos in each qualifier advanced to the finals.

Typical rules were in effect across each portion of the event, with Planes banned and Jailbreaks not allowed if your partner is already down. 

$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Qualifier #3 Results & Recap

Placement Team Prize
1st Tommey & Almond $8,000
2nd JoeWo & bbreadman $5,000
3rd Jukeyz & fifakill $2,500
4th kenzrosey & zColorss
Top 6 HusKerrs & newbz
QueenBitty & FinessenTV
Top 8 Cely & ItsEyeQew
Oakleyboiigaming & almighty

As the final chance for teams to secure a spot in the finals, the third qualifying bracket was stacked with Warzone’s top talent. Duos like Jukeyz & Fifakill, HusKerrs & newbz, along with Caldera’s most success TBE squad Tommey & Almond, were barely the tip of the iceberg.


Naturally, matches were extremely close across the board as everyone gave it their all to push through into the Top 8. Ultimately, it was Warzone’s highest earner Tommey who kept his momentum going with another huge win alongside Almond.

$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Qualifier #2 Results & Recap

Placement Team Prize
1st SuperEvan & DiazBiffle $8,000
2nd itzwarsz & Skullface49 $5,000
3rd HisokaT42 & ShiftyTV $2,500
4th Blazt & MuTeX
Top 6 kwrky_ & Angel
Xamzah & Vapulear
Top 8 UnRationaL & Scummn
Lenun & Robstar

The second round of qualifying action wasn’t without its fair share of drama. From cheating accusations to threatening tournament organizers, it was a wild ride.

ShiftyTV, a player who reached the top eight while teaming with HisokaT42, was called out for hacking by many other competitors on the day. After beating competitive CoD veterans Blazt & MuTeX, they even offered to fly the player out to play on their setups and prove his innocence.


With the controversy in mind, we also saw that Duo involved in setting a new world record. While playing against SuperEvan & DiazBiffle, ShiftyTV & HisokaT42 put up a staggering 135 kills to set a new record in the Vanguard Royale playlist.

Ultimately, it was SuperEvan & DiazBiffle who finished in first place with a 2-0 win over itzwarsz & Skullface49 in the grand finals.

$100K Warzone Caldera Challenge: Qualifier #1 Results & Recap

Placement Team Prize
1st Aydan & zSmit $8,000
2nd Braalik & exzachtt $5,000
3rd Rated & EmSage $2,500
4th Swagg & Booya
Top 6 Intechs & Stukawaki
Apathy & Slacked
Top 8 ZLaner & Destroy
NobuSpartan & AyzenLr

The first Caldera Challenge qualifier went down on March 1 as Duos rushed to be the first teams locked for the main event. With the likes of ZLaner & Destroy along with Swagg & Booya teaming together, lobbies were filled with Warzone’s best throughout the day.


Things didn’t quite go to plan for some, however, as Tommey & Almond of Caldera’s most successful TBE squad, encountered some issues minutes before the qualifier. This saw them giving away free map wins to their early opponents in the bracket.

Instead, it was the new duo of Aydan & zSmit who found the most success on the day. After a successful run through the upper bracket, they took down Braalik & exzachtt 2-0 in the finals to walk away with the overall win after 12 hours of action. Regardless, all Top 8 teams have now punched their tickets to the Finals at the end of March.