100 Thieves’ Octane reveals his initial reactions after getting dropped from OpTic Gaming

Albert Petrosyan

Although he has seemingly found a comfortable home with 100 Thieves, the last few months have been anything but for veteran Call of Duty pro Sam ‘Octane’ Larew.

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Midway through the WWII season, Octane left Luminosity Gaming to join OpTic Gaming, which was the biggest move of his career at the time.

However, after a difficult WWII season, Octane was dropped as OpTic decided to revamp their roster for the Black Ops 4 season.

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Now a member of 100 Thieves’ newly built CoD roster, Octane recounted his experience of getting dropped, revealing his reaction live on stream.

“After I got dropped from OpTic, I wasn’t down on myself, I wasn’t upset, I was like… I don’t know the word for it,” he revealed. “I was apprehensive I should say, about trying to find another team, what orgs to go to and stuff like that.”

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However, his apprehensiveness did not last too long, as Octane revealed that the opportunity to join 100 Thieves proved to be the best one for him.

“Once Matt [Nadeshot] started talking, I realized that 100 Thieves was probably the going to the best place for me to end up,” he said. “And I was right, so we’re chillin’!”

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With the Black Ops 4 competitive season just around the corner, the 100 Thieves squad of Octane, Kenny, Fero, Enable, and SlasheR is considered to be one of the top rosters in the entire esport.

The team will have a lot of weight on their shoulders as 100 Thieves will be making their first appearance in competitive CoD after a brief and unsuccessful stint during the Black Ops 3 season in 2016.