Toronto Ultra streamer Overgirl launches first official pro women’s Call of Duty team

The Toronto Tsunami 2023 roster.Toronto Tsunami

The Toronto Tsunami have become the first official professional women’s Call of Duty team, founded by Toronto Ultra streamer Overgirl.

Call of Duty League commentator Alyssa ‘Allycxt’ Parker founded the WxC, which is an all-woman CoD tournament. The tournament hosted two open qualifiers before narrowing the field down to eight teams.

The qualified teams compete in three weeks of seeding matches with a 10,000$ prize pool. Fans can tune in to Allycxt’s Twitch channel to watch, as the final week of seeding matches kicked off on May 1.

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One of the tournament’s competitors already made CoD history, as Kelsie ‘Kels’ Grieg became the first woman to qualify for CDL Challengers Elite. The league continues to make history now, as the Toronto Tsunami has been announced.

Toronto Tsunami recognized as first ever professional women’s CoD team

Toronto Ultra content creator Overgirl founded the Toronto Tsunami, the first official pro women’s Call of Duty approved to play by Activision in the WxC.

The full Toronto Tsunami roster is as follows:

  • AzuraAnarchy
  • FrontDeskLadyy
  • MizuMeredy
  • Lilypng_
  • EmiliaRxse

They will be coached by Viiox, who has coached some of the top teams in Call of Duty Challengers in the last couple of seasons.

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Entering the final week of WxC pool play, the Tsunami boasted a perfect 5-0 record. The Boston Breach doubled the tournament’s prize pool from 5,000$ to 10,000$ right before the last week of matches.

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