Crimsix brutally trolls Scump fan after CDL Major 4 qualifier win vs OpTic Texas

Alec Mullins
Crimsix of the New York Subliners
New York Subliners

NYSL’s Crimsix roasted an OpTic Texas fan after the two teams clashed during a July 3 qualifying match for the Call of Duty League’s upcoming Stage 4 major. 

Crimsix is one of the most electrifying personalities in all of the CDL, and he’s shown no sign of slowing down in terms of skill or comedy in his tenth year of professional COD.

His personal antics combined with his winning pedigree has gathered him quite the audience, and after this wild run in with an OpTic fan, it’s easy to see how he’s gathered a reputation as one of the funniest players in the game.

Crimsix roasts OpTic Texas fan after Major 4 qualifier victory

Crimsix on LAN with Kismet for the New York SUbliners
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Crim and Co. didn’t have the easiest time on LAN but are back to dominating the Major 4 qualifiers matches.

It all popped off in Crim’s stream where a stray Scump fan mentioned to the COD legend that while they still support him, they were sad that his NYSL squad knocked off OpTic in their most recent match.

Crim started out with a seemingly earnest apology before flipping the situation on its head and taking a couple of rapid fire shots at the messenger and at green-and-black org.

“Oh did you cry today, your little Scumpii lost? Inder came back and they still couldn’t beat us? I’m not f***ing sorry at all!” he taunted.

He went on to accuse OpTic of stealing of more than a million dollars from him before dropping from the team and ‘snapping his neck’ like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.

It was all in good fun though, as later the same day, Porter later clarified that he was just having some fun to keep his chat entertained.

“I’ve been awake for 24 hours. I am delirious, joking, and trolling obviously,” he said.

The 3x World Champion is back in action on July 10 vs LA Thieves in New York’s final match ahead of Major 4.