YouTube’s Head of Gaming Fwiz leaves Google for Web3 & NFT venture

fwiz with google logo behind himTwitter: Fwiz

YouTube’s Head of Gaming, Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt, has announced his impending departure from the company after over seven years with the company, as he moves into a role in the blockchain and Web3 world.

Fwiz’s history in gaming spans far further than his work with YouTube. Prior to joining the Google-owned company, he was heavily involved in esports, working predominantly in Call of Duty and with the historic OpTic Gaming brand.

On January 25, 2022, Fwiz made the announcement that he was vacating his role as Head of Gaming at YouTube, saying: “I came to YouTube almost eight years ago to help give gamers a voice and represent the gamer’s needs every day.

“I am proud knowing that YouTube Gaming serves over 250m logged-in users every single day, and drives hundreds of billions of hours of gaming watch time each year.”

Fwiz went on to thank CEO Susan Wojcicki and CBO Robert Kyncl for taking him on in the first place, before revealing his next steps.

“I am fascinated by blockchain app development and am beyond thrilled to enter the Web3 space,” he said. “I am elated to be joining Polygon Technology as their CEO of Polygon Studios.

“I will be focused on growing the developer ecosystem through investment, marketing and developer support and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. I’ll be leading the Polygon Studios organization across gaming, entertainment, fashion, news, sports, and more.”

Polygon aims to support developers by offering “a wide range of secure, fast, affordable and energy-efficient Ethereum scaling solutions.” How Fwiz helps progress the company going forward will be interesting to see.

February is his last month at YouTube, and a successor has not yet been named.