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Sony announce PlayStation Classic console pre-loaded with 20 retro games

Published: 19/Sep/2018 16:09 Updated: 12/Dec/2018 14:34

by Ross Deason


If you loved the first ever PlayStation, you’ll be excited to hear that Sony are launching a miniature version of the console that was originally released back in 1994.

Called the PlayStation Classic, the mini console will come with a total of 20 pre-loaded retro games, including Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3.

“Long-time fans will appreciate the nostalgia that comes with rediscovering the games they know and love, while gamers who might be new to the platform can enjoy the groundbreaking PlayStation console experience that started it all,” Sony said in a statement.

The small device will be about 45% smaller than the original console but will look almost identical, with a few modern touches like a HDMI port.

The console comes with a price tag of $99 and even comes with two original-style controllers. Unfortunately, these controllers are so original that they don’t even feature analogue sticks, which might mean Ape Escape is off the cards as one of the games!

The full list of games that will release with the PlayStation Classic has not been released, but Sony have confirmed Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

The PlayStation Classic will be released on December 3, 2018 – the exact same date as the first 1994 release in Japan.

It is currently uncertain whether players will be able to download or purchase other games for the PlayStation Classic or if the first 20 games that it is released with will also be the last 20.

*Update*It would appear that the 20 games that come with the Classic will be only ones available. 


Simplicity Esports to receive $180k from 30-month Redragon sponsorship

Published: 1/Dec/2020 10:47 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 10:49

by Adam Fitch


North American esports organization Simplicity Esports have signed a new sponsorship deal with gaming peripherals brand Redragon.

The agreement will span 30 months and is valued at $180k, including $170k in cash and over $10k worth of gaming equipment.

Simplicity’s League of Legends team Flamengo Esports — which is one of 10 teams that was selected as a long-term partner of the Brazilian CBLoL in October 2020 — will be supplied with headsets, mice, and keyboards as part of the deal.

The $170k will be paid over the course of the 2.5-year sponsorship, starting in January 2021.

Flamengo Esports CBLoL
Flamengo Esports
Flamengo Esports are one of the biggest brands in the passionate Brazilian scene.

While the supply of gaming peripherals and accessories isn’t anything new in esports, with the likes of HyperX and Logitech G sponsoring plenty of teams across all major regions, the cash value of this deal is unique. At least, the transparency is.

It was revealed that Redragon were set to acquire 7.5% of Flamengo Esports from Simplicity in September for $390k in cash and over $133k in additional consideration.

“Redragon has been a great partner for us, since Simplicity Esports entered Brazil earlier this year with the acquisition of Flamengo Esports,” said Jed Kaplan, CEO of Simplicity Esports. “We will proudly display their logo on the sleeve of our jersey to be seen by our dedicated fans, social media followers, and content watchers. We still have three available jersey sponsorship activations to sell, including the coveted center chest location that comes with a Master Sponsorship.”

Revealing the value and exact length of sponsorships is uncommon in the industry, with only public companies such as Simplicity Esports and David Beckham-owned Guild Esports being forced to do so because they’re on stock markets.

In October 2020, Guild announced that they had signed a £3.6m sponsorship deal with a company they would reveal on November 22. That announcement never arrived, however, with the org later explaining that “travel/safety issues” ruined plans, with a new reveal plan now being expected in January 2021.