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Finance company SoFi to support amateurs through LCS Scouting Grounds

Published: 9/Nov/2020 20:22

by Adam Fitch


Amateur League of Legends in North America just got a big boost with sponsorship from finance company SoFi.

Riot Games have appointed SoFi as an official partner of the LCS Scouting Grounds, a week-long event that serves as a path to pro.

The American finance giants have gotten involved with the initiative in an attempt to “help future generations power up their personal finances and build a strong financial foundation while pursuing their ambitions.”

As part of the deal, all eligible Scouting Grounds players will receive a $250 account with the company.

LCS Scouting Grounds SoFi
The sponsorship was announced on the launch day of LCS Scouting Grounds.

LCS Scouting Grounds is also sponsored by automotive giants Honda and is hosted on tournament organizer FACEIT’s competitive platform.


An additional aspect of the sponsorship will see SoFi host the ‘SoFi Meta Melee,’ a collegiate tournament series that will commence on November 20.

The event will have a total prize pool of $50,000, with winning college students receiving money for student loan repayments and in-game skin codes. Hosted by Nerd Street Gamers, the SoFi Meta Melee will have competition across League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

It makes sense that SoFi are advertising to college students and young amateur players, promoting the importance of being in control of personal finance is not only a responsible message but could generate plenty of new business for the company.


This isn’t the first instance of SoFi being in involved in esports, however. They entered the industry in March 2020 through a partnership with North American organization Misfits Gaming, advertising their brand on the jerseys of Misfits and their Florida Mayhem and Florida Mutineers franchises.

When announcing their deal with Misfits, SoFi explained that their mission is to help people achieve financial independence to allow them to realize their ambitions.