Esports supplement brand Qallo raises $1.3m investment

Qallo esports supplementQallo

Belgium-based esports performance brand Qallo has raised $1.3m in an effort to grow their business and presence in the industry.

Qallo are creating what they describe as “healthy gaming supplements” focused on helping esports athletes improve and optimize their performance.

Their products include a focus-specific supplement, QFocus, and a supplement that aims to help with sleep, QSleep.

With the money raised, they’re looking to raise awareness surrounding the need for what they believe to be the necessary pillars of optimizing in-game performance and push their aforementioned supplements.

Players exercising at the Qallo bootcampQallo
Qallo provided Belgian team Sector One with a bootcamp during a League of Legends competition in 2020.

They currently ship products to Europe but hope to expand their services to North America in March 2021, a feat that will no doubt be made easier by bolstering their operations with this investment.

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“There is very limited information available on esports performance,” said Niels Peetermans, co-founder of Qallo. In regular sports, there is a lot of accessible content regarding training schedules, diets, food supplementation, etc. In esports, there is a big knowledge gap between the top 1% and the rest of the athletes. We want to close that gap.”

To complement their products, the company have launched a system based on six foundations: in-game training, sleep and recovery, physical exercise, nutrition, mental resilience & wellbeing, and team dynamics. Prior to the global health crisis, the team at Qallo hosted a boot camp with Belgian team Sector One to help them in the national League of Legends competition.

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The company have their own esports performance center, located in their home nation of Belgium, specifically in Antwerp. They were founded in August 2020 by Niels ‘Super1Fly’ Peetermans, Moos ‘Tempgaltic’ Tits, and Alexander ‘AlexRoark’ Van Laer.