Overwatch fans think they’ve found Blizzard employee accused of stealing breast milk

blizzard sued by new yorkActivision Blizzard / Pexels

Overwatch fans believe they may have unearthed new details about an Activision Blizzard employee accused of stealing breast milk. A month after the disturbing allegations surfaced, Reddit detectives have uncovered possible motives and methods.

On December 8, 2021, former and current employees at Activision Blizzard alleged that “nursing people’s breast milk would be stolen.” This was one particularly graphic accusation as the company faced a California lawsuit over its “pervasive frat boy culture.”

In the time since, Activision Blizzard have been called out by streamers like Asmongold and shareholders have asked for CEO Bobby Kotick’s resignation.

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The Overwatch community is now getting involved, too, as Reddit detectives uncovered some troubling 4chan comments they believe could be from the alleged ‘breast milk thief.’ In a post to the OverwatchTMZ sub, they laid these new details out.

Overwatch fans reveal possible new details about stolen breast milk

One user posted an image compiling some 2019 comments from a 4chan thread, asking if this could be the “breast milk thief.”

While impossible to prove that it is the same person, there are some links.

For example, the poster explained that they worked at “a large tech company” and that they pulled the heist off by ‘raiding the lactation room.’ Both of these would fit the bill of Activision Blizzard’s allegations.

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As far as new details, the poster explained their motives and methods for stealing breast milk. Apparently, it was taken as a “PW supplement” (likely referring to “pre-workout”) with the purpose of achieving “maximum gains.”

An added reason given was that “the girl is pretty cute.”

overwatch d.va out of meka shoots into cameraActivision Blizzard
Overwatch’s passionate fans have been trying to uncover more information about their game’s developer.

The poster also explained their methods, revealing that they would go to the room, “open an unlocked door, and then pour some milk into a water bottle.”

In terms of reactions to this new, alleged thread of details, Reddit users have responded by saying “what the f**k” and “so disgusting.” While some think it’s all “bait,” others do think it could be true – some in hopes that there aren’t multiple people bragging about the same behavior.

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Activision Blizzard’s lawsuits are ongoing and the company is also dealing with issues surrounding their Call of Duty: Warzone workforce. If this Reddit detective work is any indication, the company’s fans are interested in finding out the truth about the popular game developer.