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OpTic CEO H3CZ reveals new “Pine Park” cannabis brand

Published: 26/Jul/2021 21:09 Updated: 26/Jul/2021 21:11

by Alan Bernal


OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez revealed his upcoming venture into the cannabis industry with ‘Pine Park,’ an upcoming label of premium products.

Located in Aromas, California, Pine Park HQ is going to be the center of H3CZ’s growing operations for his new label with the help of partners at Union Electric’s Coastal Farms.

H3CZ said he wants his products to focus on “high-potency, thick, dense buds” and will use Coastal Farms’ hybrid grow setup to makes use of California’s natural sun spots as well as in-door lighting to make up for darker hours.

The OpTic CEO gave a look into everything from Pine Park’s grow rooms to the trimming, and even a look at how partners POSBIL Project maintains its clones and dry rooms.


The 5600-square-foot facility that houses Pine Park HQ can produce up to about 1800 plants per run, and will spearhead production of the new label.

H3CZ’s decades-long community cultivation in gaming and esports will now open up a major opportunity for his next venture.

“We’re not going to slap a label on this thing and call it ‘H3CZ.’ This is an amazing opportunity for you to introduce cannabis in a really fun, responsible way,” CEO of Union Electric, Max Goldstein said in a June 6 episode of The Eavesdrop Podcast.

As for H3CZ, this will be his way of finding and cultivating premium cannabis products that has creators at the center of it all.


“I want to bring exposure to the artists that happen to be the farmers,” H3CZ said. “The ones that create the beautiful, powerful plants we get to enjoy.”

Pine Park has yet to reveal its first line of products, but the OpTic CEO teased a bit of what consumers can expect to see when the full operations get going.

“As I’ve been saying, I want to do things a little bit differently through Jason and [Coastal Farms], that super tight-knit farm we have over there at Pine Park Headquarters,” H3CZ explained in the reveal video. “What I want to do there is drop literally like 200 lbs. of very exclusive stuff, which to me is part of the coolness of it. We’re also going to have something that’s available year-round, different price points for different folks.”