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Light-weight PS5? Japan’s version has mysteriously unique measurements

Published: 24/Jul/2021 22:42

by Theo Salaun


The PS5 is a big console, but the Japanese Digital version appears to be pretty unique. Based on official measurements, Japan’s PS5 seems to be a mysteriously light-weight version of the usually hefty system.

The regular PS5, with disc drive included, is about 10 pounds heavy — making it around the weight of a heftier newborn baby. The Digital PS5, by contrast, is a little over eight pounds. Both are considerably heavier than their last-gen counterparts.

But it seems that Japan’s Digital PS5 is a decent amount lighter. According to the official user’s manual, the Japanese version (model number CFI-1100B01) is around 0.66 pounds lighter than the versions found elsewhere.


As of yet, there is no straightforward explanation for the change in size. But there are some theories making their way around the web as people want the light-weight PS5 for themselves.

While industry expert Daniel Ahmad jokes that the normal Digital PS5s might have a disc drive hidden within them somewhere, that’s about as realistic as the theories get. In terms of raw differences between the consoles, PSU’s Ernest Lin could only find one material change.

As Lin notes, the Japanese Digital PS5 uses a different screw for its vertical stand — one that allows you to screw it in by hand, rather than with a screwdriver. We won’t even dive into the average weights of screws here, but no, they don’t usually weigh… two-thirds of a pound.


PlayStation 5 console
Look at the PS5, what a big boy.

At the moment, that’s where we’re at. No one knows why the Japanese PS5 is lighter and there have been no official explanations laid out. The current reigning theories seem to be: 1) a secret disc drive, 2) the world’s heaviest screw, and 3) a typo.

Whatever the case may be, if you want a mobile PS5 to carry around when you travel, it might be worth checking ticket prices to Japan.