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G FUEL and Enthusiast Gaming announce multi-year partnership

Published: 6/May/2020 21:19 Updated: 9/May/2020 0:15

by Albert Petrosyan


G FUEL and Ethusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. have formed a new partnership that will feature involvement from their esports organization, Luminosity Gaming, and all of their popular influencers.

This new partnership allows Enthusiast Gaming to use the massive platform of Luminosity to further drive up the market share and awareness for G FUEL, which is already the leading gaming energy drink brand.

With a reach of over 200 million gamers, Enthusiast Gaming will provide a fully customized marketing campaign for G FUEL, allowing the brand’s message to be better communicated to its target market.

G FUELG FUEL offers its energy products in both powdered and canned form.

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G FUEL will be one of the prominent sponsors of Luminosity; their logo will be displayed on the LG jerseys, and the organization’s lineup of top content creators will help promote the energy drink to combined social following of over 60 million fans.


LG’s list of influencers includes several top Fortnite pros, Twitch streamers, even a professional baseball player, and a host of other big names.

“We’re excited to partner with Enthusiast to reach previously untapped corners of the gaming community and increase awareness of G FUEL,” said Cliff Morgan, Founder and CEO of G FUEL. “Luminosity Gaming is an elite, world-class esports organization, and as The Official Energy Drink of Esports®, our partnership makes perfect sense. We’ve built a passionate community within the gaming and esports sector and can’t wait to work with Enthusiast to drive authentic engagement with their incredible platform of gamers.”


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Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming, expressed similar enthusiasm and optimism about the deal.

“Partnering with a brand so deeply rooted in the gaming sector like G FUEL is exciting for a number of reasons. G FUEL is a leader in the gamer energy drink sector and using our platform to communicate and engage with gamers continues to validate our strategy and is a significant milestone for our direct sales team,” he said. “Execution is also very important, and over the last number of months, we’ve been able to demonstrate the success of our integrated advertising offerings and prove that using our platform has more touchpoints and engages with more gamers than any other gaming company. We are thrilled to partner with G FUEL and look forward to building a long-term partnership over our shared passion of gaming.”


“At its core, this deal proves how valuable digital communities as the future of the gaming industry. They are where people who share similar interests can meet each other, forge relationships and participate in making and sharing the gaming content that they like. That is what we as a company are all about and what we do so well.”
Luminosity GamingLuminosity will use its extensive reach to promote G FUEL, its new key sponsor.

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Enthusiast Gaming and Luminosity are now the latest in what has become a star-studded list of companies, content creators, and influencers sponsored by G FUEL, also included the likes of PewDiePie, Summit1G, NICKMERCS, KSI, Roman Atwood WWE, and more.