FaZe Swagg & Nuke Squad drop Olympic-themed Vol. 3 merch collection

Theo Salaun
faze clan nuke squad olympics
FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty: Warzone quartet, Nuke Squad, are dropping their third collection. And, this time, it’s Olympic-themed gear for Swagg, Booya, Santana, and JSmooth.

While many in the gaming world daydream about esports making an Olympic debut, FaZe Clan seem to have already started conceptualizing the uniforms. The Nuke Squad Vol. 3 collection blends sportswear, streetwear, and, of course, Call of Duty.

The collection’s lookbook blends those themes as well, as the Nuke Squad members are joined by NBA star and FaZe member Ben Simmons.

Named after CoD’s Tactical Nuke kill streak, the group’s logo is implemented in a variety of manners befitting classic Olympic designs. The nuke circle is turned into the Olympic rings on a hoodie and replaces the American flag’s stars on a basketball jersey. 

faze clan nuke squad vol 3 olympic collection

The FaZe logo also gets to fit into the patriotic vibe as well, as it forms two prongs of a star on a couple pieces. In essence, there’s a lot of cross-pollination with Olympic vibes.

More specifically, there’s cross-pollination with the 1992 USA basketball team. FaZe’s aforementioned star fits into the “A” of “NUKE SQUAD” in one design. And, as any hoops connoisseur will know, America’s 1992 jersey also had a star, which fit into the “A” in “USA.” 

The ’92 inspo could be a coincidence or FaZe may be suggesting that NUK3S are their own Dream Team. It’s not nice to play favorites, but Swagg and Booya did just win a $75K Twitch Rivals event — so who knows.

As for when the collection will be made available, the organization has pinned 12 PM PT on July 29 as the release time and date. Fans will be able to secure their preferred merch through FaZe’s online store.