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FaZe Clan x OpTic Gaming crossover merch possibly leaked in Mike Majlak vlog

Published: 27/Jun/2021 23:54 Updated: 28/Jun/2021 0:11

by Bill Cooney


Images of a new line of FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming crossover merch definitely seems to have been leaked in a new vlog from Mike Majlak.

It doesn’t get much bigger than FaZe and OpTic when you’re talking about the the esports scene, especially when you’re discussing Call of Duty. Not only can they boast some of the most loyal fan bases out there, they’re also a couple of the most storied NA orgs in esports.

Now, it seems the two could be joining forces, as some mockups you can catch a glimpse of in Mike Majlak’s June 18 vlog seem pretty far along in the design process.


Mike Majlak Vlogs/YouTube
You can definitely see what looks like two FaZe and OpTic crossover shirts on the right.

The shot above was filmed at the FaZe compound, and appears around the four-minute mark in Mike’s vlog. We can see a board with various brand-appropriate mockups, including the recent Takashi Murakami “flower” collection.

In addition to that though, we can also see what definitely looks like FaZe and OpTic collaboration shirts on the right side. The top one has the FaZe and OpTic logos squaring up to box, which is very appropriate considering the current boxing meta on YouTube.

On the bottom is a play on the classic scene in “The Matrix” where Morpheus tells Neo to “choose wisely” between the red and blue pills. Except here, they’re red and green pills, representing — you guessed it — FaZe and OpTic.


A crossover between the two brands would technically require permission from OpTic to use their logo on the merch, however. given the video was filmed on location in the heart of FaZe country, they’re probably fine with it.

But while Banks and the boys seem on-board, there’s no telling if the Green Wall has given its approval yet, or exactly how far along in the process the shirts actually are.