Facebook owner Meta reportedly testing livestream platform “similar to Twitch”

Meta logoUnsplash: Dima Solomin

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is reportedly testing a new livestreaming platform called Super, with “similar functionality to Twitch” and only a small handful of influencers and creators so far being able to test it out.

Facebook itself already has its own livestreaming platform in Facebook Gaming, which has sought to rival the likes of Twitch and YouTube but struggled to make up much ground outside of signing reasonably big names such as Disguised Toast (who has since left after his contract ended) and Warzone star Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane.

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Regardless of this, Meta are working on something entirely new to help creators go live for their fans, and they’re apparently calling it ‘Super’ with tests now getting underway according to Business Insider.

Bloomberg first reported on Super back in 2020, calling it a “cameo-inspired tool” similar to FaceTime.

According to Insider’s latest report on August 2, though, they say that it ”has become an interactive livestreaming product, with similar functionality to Twitch.”

A Meta spokesperson said that fewer than 100 creators, including tech influencer Andru Edwards and TikTok star Vienna Skye, have tested the product so far, with a deck being sent to multiple influencers to get feedback on the product.

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Super TLDRInsider/Meta
Super is described as a platform for “digital meet and greet experiences” in documents obtained by Insider.

It’s unclear what exactly the production of Super would mean for the Facebook Gaming livestreaming platform.

As explained, Super would be a separate entity from other Meta products, including (presumably) Facebook Gaming.

It also reads like it would act more similar to a TikTok Live type of product, positioned more to allow influencers to engage with their audiences and “create a platform that enables a digital version of in-person meet and greet experiences.”

As a new product, they’re always looking for ways to maximize monetization opportunities for creators, something that potential competitor TikTok has come under fire for in the past.

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear when Meta plan to launch Super, or how exactly it will look when it does finally arrive.

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