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Esports job website Hitmarker launch crowdfunding campaign

Published: 1/Nov/2019 11:50 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 11:57

by Matt Porter


Esports jobs website Hitmarker have announced a crowdfunding campaign offering people shares in their company, as they turn their eyes towards expanding into the wider video game industry. 

Those interested in working in esports might already know of Hitmarker, which posts hundreds of paid jobs from the industry each month. on Friday, November 1, the company announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to help them expand as they target a larger portion of the gaming industry. 

The British company are looking to raise at least £80,000 (~$100,000) in return for 4% of the business, and state in their press release that the focus of the round is to double the number of full-time staff they have and significantly increase their marketing budget with a view of dominating the video game hiring market.

Hitmarker JobsHitmarker posts 100s of paid industry jobs every month.

They had more than £32,000 pledged during their exclusive early access phase, reaching over 40% of their target, and now have 30 days of public campaigning to hit the £80,000 mark. If they fail to do so any funds pledged will be returned to investors and Hitmarker will receive nothing.

The launch video outlining the investment opportunity was officially released today and suggests the number of jobs on the platform could increase five-fold with the addition of gaming jobs. Given the current count of just over 1,200 jobs on their site, this would come out to over 6,000 active jobs across both the esports and gaming industries.

Esports is no stranger to investment, but companies opting to conduct public raises like this rather than going through the more traditional venture capital route is relatively uncommon.

The process works by inviting potential investors to pledge £10 and upwards to the campaign in return for a number of shares that scales with how much they invest.

In a statement, Managing Director Richard Huggan explained the company’s decision to crowdfund, saying: “Hitmarker was built to serve the esports industry. Our mission is to improve the job hunting process for people who want to work in our industry, and we’ve worked very hard to build a reputation as a positive presence in the scene.” 

“We believe we now have an impassioned community of brand advocates that have been instrumental in our growth over the past two years and already feel a huge responsibility to all of these people. Giving them the chance to become shareholders in our company will only enhance this and will motivate our whole team to work even harder than they already do to provide them with the best service possible.”

Jak Howard / Esports InsiderCameron Brierley, Richard Huggan, and Laurence Munslow of Hitmarker Jobs.

Hitmarker’s presence in esports provides fans hoping to work in the industry with a centralized place to go and browse jobs from teams, tournament organizers and other companies around the scene. Their aim is to do the same in the video game industry, believing that it, just like esports before their company formed, suffers from not having a single reliable source for people to find work. 

Their full pitch can be viewed on the official Hitmarker Crowdcube page

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.


Team Vitality eyes international expansion with software giants SAP

Published: 23/Nov/2020 13:38

by Adam Fitch


French esports organization Team Vitality are eyeing up an international expansion with software corporation SAP.

Using SAP’s technology, which is used to improve team performance in sports like football and basketball, Team Vitality are looking to optimize their processes.

Through the improvement of how they monitor contracts, manage data, automate tasks, and further optimize their financial flow, the org will free up time that will be instead allocated on establishing themselves outside of their home nation.

This partnership falls in line with SAP’s recent change in sponsorship strategy, utilizing esports to advertise their tools and software.

Team Vitality CSGO
Team Vitality
Team Vitality are best known for their CS:GO team, which were ranked first in the world by HLTV on November 16.

SAP already operate in esports, having previously partnered with the NBA 2K League, ESL and EPICENTER for Dota 2, and Team Liquid for League of Legends.

When working with tournament organizers instead of teams, SAP are best known for providing analytic insight into matches. At ESL One Birmingham, for example, they used their technology to track win probabilities, item timings, and net worth progression.

“Thanks to SAP, we have all the components we need to go even further: we want to continue improving our operations by automating all of our legal, quality, and logistics processes,” said Franck Boniface, COO at Team Vitality. “The long-term objective is also to use all the data we retrieve from our platforms, such as Twitch and Twitter, to be able to make the connection between interactions with our fans and purchases on our webshop.”

On November 22, Team Vitality mounted an impressive comeback against Natus Vincere in Counter-Strike to emerge as the victors of IEM Beijing-Haidian in Europe.

As one of the leading teams in Europe, they are partnered with non-endemic brands such as sportswear giants adidas, telecommunications company Orange, energy drink brand Red Bull, and automobile manufacturer Renault.