Astralis to open gaming facility in Danish amusement park

Adam Fitch
Astralis Tivoli Amusement Park

Danish esports organization Astralis will be opening a facility in Tivoli Gardens, the third-oldest amusement park that’s still operating, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As part of a partnership between Astralis and the amusement park operator themselves, the facility aims to provide a deeper level of engagement for fans of the team.

The venue, which is described as the organization’s “first-ever flagship store,” will play host to merchandise, gaming setups for over 130 people, VIP rooms, products from their partners, tournaments, viewing parties, and more.

Astralis in Tovoli, Denmark
The facility will be Astralis’ first-ever “flagship store.”

Located in the heart of Denmark’s capital city, the store is slated to open on June 1, 2021 and will be accessible both from the street and the amusement park itself.

The partnership is said to be “scalable,” allowing for further facilities to be opened in other locations should there be enough demand and this initiative prove to be successful. Astralis are very well known in Denmark, mainly for their successes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it’s been said before that they’re at a similar level of fame as major athletes in their home nation.

“The Astralis Flagship Store in Tivoli marks the first step in our strategy to become a larger and more valuable part of the fan experience,” said Astralis CEO Anders Hørsholt. “We want to offer something that both hard core esports fans, gamers and a more casual audience will enjoy, and we are extremely pleased to launch the strategy in a separate cooperation with the most iconic entertainment center in Denmark.”

An official announcement from Astralis claims that “yet-be-release products” from their partners will be available at the store. While these items are unknown at the time of publication, it’s not too difficult to guess what’s to come.

The team is associated with major companies like sportswear brand hummel, technology giants Garmin, audio brand Bang & Olufsen, peripheral manufacturers Logitech G, and HP’s OMEN line.