Amazon reportedly overhauling Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming subscription


According to a leaked document from Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, Amazon is set to rebrand the gaming benefits of their Twitch Prime membership to Prime Gaming.

As with most companies that have their eggs in more than one basket, rebranding and becoming more streamlined in the process is inevitable. And Amazon is no different.

Their Amazon Prime membership offers an array of benefits, including one free monthly Twitch channel subscription and exclusive in-game content. But as it stands, the gaming rewards are labelled as Twitch-exclusive via the current branding.

Although on August 9, Slasher revealed some confidential assets, which detailed the nature of the rebranding — and its purpose — while explaining the new features that will be available through the service.

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Twitch Prime Fortnite exclusive. Amazon
Twitch Prime members have had access to a plethora of exclusive in-game content, such as this Fortnite bundle.

Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

So what’s the difference? Well aside from a fresh lick of paint, Amazon’s Prime Gaming will now also offer members “rotating packages of full PC games that can be owned and kept forever at no additional cost.”

In terms of the games on offer, the assets detail these under ‘Functional Benefits’ and explain that these will be a mixture of games from indie developers and mainstream brands.

Aside from that, the same benefits remain. Amazon teased “other surprise perks” at the tail-end of their Functional Benefits, but what those are remains to be seen.

Twitch also explained that the change will render streamers with “more chances to grow your viewership across all types of gamers from the Amazon Prime member base and opportunities to be featured in future Prime Gaming promotions.”

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The branding will help Amazon better align the gaming portion of the Prime subscription with other services, such as Prime Music and Prime Video.

At the time of writing, it is not yet known when the change will come into effect, but an announcement is expected on August 10 at 11:00 AM (PST) / 1:00 PM (EST) / 6:00 PM (BST).