Shroud hints EA & DICE have “a lot more” of Battlefield 2042 to show before release

Shroud Battlefield 2042 More Reveals Summer 2021 With LogoTwitch: shroud / Electronic Arts

Brand-new footage of Battlefield 2042’s robust multiplayer was revealed during E3 2021, but popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek teased that EA and DICE have info to share with fans that’s still being kept under wraps.

EA and DICE have already shared bits and pieces of Battlefield 2042’s gameplay footage, but it seems there are even more reveals in store before the game lands on PCs and consoles.

Powerhouse streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek — also considered by many to be one of the best FPS players in gaming — teased fans with cryptic hints that Electronic Arts and DICE still have more in store for Battlefield fans leading up to the game’s release.

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Battlefield 2042 Tanks Soldiers Helicopter FinalEA / DICE
It seems EA and DICE still have some tricks up their sleeve for Battlefield 2042.

During his co-stream of E3 2021, shroud and his Twitch chat ended up on the topic of Battlefield 2042, and the streamer immediately began to tease his viewers with extra knowledge of the game: “that trailer was a lot different than what I was expecting.”

The streamer then wondered if EA would share additional Battlefield 2042 footage during E3. When viewers reminded Grzesiek about EA’s own gaming event later in the summer, he began hinting there would likely be additional info shared then.

“There’s definitely more [Battlefield 2042] that DICE and EA are going to show. There’s a lot more,” he confirmed. After hearing this, his Twitch chat immediately exploded into a frenzy of speculation, but shroud was quick to shut them down: “I’ve said too much, I’ve said too much.”

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While shroud couldn’t reveal any further Battlefield 2042 details just yet, it’s quite possible these reveals are related to the mysterious Hazard Zone mode, or a third, totally unconfirmed gameplay experience that has yet to be fully detailed by EA.

Shroud could also be teasing his insider knowledge of Battlefield 2042’s still-unconfirmed battle royale — something EA and DICE have remained tight-lipped on, but many fans believe to be alive and well, even if it isn’t confirmed for release alongside the main game.

It appears shroud has already been invited by EA and DICE to playtest Battlefield 2042 (which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one) and while he can’t share the details of what he’s seen just yet, it sounds like fans are in for a few more surprises before its release.

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