Shroud claims Battlefield 2042 already has one big advantage over Vanguard

Shroud claims BF2042 already has one big advantage over VanguardEA / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘Shroud Grzesiek was asked to compare the gameplay between Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, and he claimed the former has one big advantage over the latter.

The debate between Battlefield and Call of Duty players over which game is better is as old as the games themselves.

And now that their latest iterations, Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, are around the corner, it’s become a hot topic again.

A fan asked Shroud which one he prefers, and he responded by claiming that Battlefield 2042 has one big advantage over Call of Duty: Vanguard; he believes it has superior gunplay, which is a huge drawcard.

Battlefield 2042 has been delayed past its original October release date.Electronic Arts
Shroud believes Battlefield 2042 has betetr gunplay than Call of Duty: Vanguard.

“I have always preferred Battlefield’s gameplay to Call of Duty’s. It’s gotten pretty similar,” he said. “Battlefield’s gunplay, in my opinion, is better than Call of Duty’s. But it’s very similar. Like, we’re talking just the tiniest difference.”

He also reacted positively to several new gameplay features while watching jackfrag’s YouTube video about Battlefield 2042. It only barely scratched the surface of what’s to come, but it made a good impression.

For example, he said it was “good” that the Syrette Pistols have been changed to heal from distance rather than revive. He also said it was “cool” that Sentry Guns are more efficient when players are close to them.

Although Shroud insisted the gameplay between Battlefield and Call of Duty is “very similar” in his view, he did state that Battlefield is better. It might only be the “tiniest difference,” but it was enough to sway his opinion.

Battlefield 2042 is set to release on November 19, while Call of Duty: Vanguard will be out two weeks earlier on November 5. The rival franchises have divided players since their inception, but now we know which one Shroud prefers.