How to fix error code 2002g in Battlefield 2042

bf 2042 specialists investigating dropEA / DICE

Battlefield 2042 players are having their playtime interrupted by the frustrating error code 2002g bug. Thankfully, there are several workarounds you can try to make Battlefield 2042 work and get you into a game faster.

EA and DICE are still serving up hefty updates to try and ensure that all of Battlefield 2042’s parts are in working order. The petition for refunds and EA’s own disappointment in the state of the game and its sales are all contributing to the desire to improve the game.

Outside of primary gameplay and graphical indifferences, basic server errors can occasionally prevent players from stepping foot in any online matches.

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Error code 2002g is a prime example of this and there are some solutions to try if this happens to you.


specilaist using wingsuit to fly down in bf 2042EA / DICE
Players are being left frustrated at not being able to drop into Battlefield 2042.

What is Battlefield 2042’s error code 2002g?

Quite simply, error code 2002g is a server issue that prevents players from joining matches.

When attempting to enter a match, players will be greeted with the following error message: “Unable to load persistence data. Game will return to start menu. Please check your Internet Connection, make sure the Platform Client is online and try again. Please see for more information.”

Error code 2002g solutions in Battlefield 2042

There is no definitive way to clear up the problem, but there are several methods you can try to alleviate the issue.

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Keep trying each one until you successfully enter a match.

Check the servers & follow help pages

A simple one here, but if you consult with Twitter and the various Battlefield 2042 help pages, they might be able to provide a live update on the state of the online servers. If they are down, then this could naturally be a big reason as to why you’re getting this error message.


The larger pool of players that can fight against each other is obviously hugely significant and offers a greater chance to be paired with players from your region — making for stabler games.

However, the mix of platforms can lead to some crossed wires and could be inadvertently causing problems, so consider turning crossplay off to see if it fixes things.

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Restart the game

Sometimes in life, turning something off and then on again just works with little tangible scientific reasoning why. In any event, if you’re getting the error code, give this a whirl and see if it makes a difference to your predicament.

helicopter firing missiles at building in battlefield 2042EA / DICE
Do not attempt to blow up either your router or your system.

Turn your router on and off

We can almost copy and paste the logic behind this one, but a manual restart of your router might do the trick. Unplug the mains from your router, leave it for a few seconds, reconnect it, and wait for the connection to be re-established.

Now, try Battlefield 2042 again and, hopefully, you can hop into the madness.

Boot up the game using Origin

This is tailored more towards PC players, but if you are on the platform, then try accessing Battlefield 2042 using the Origin service. According to various players, using it directly instead of Steam, for example, has allowed them to play the game seamlessly.

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Disable Firewall

This is more of a last throw of the dice, a drastic kind of solution that could end up being dangerous to the health of your computer. On the other hand, if none of the above are working for you, it’s worth a shot.

Reports are that your firewall could be blocking the connection from the server to your system, so disabling it, temporarily, might let you know if it’s the problem.

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