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How to claim Battlefield 4 for free with Amazon Prime Gaming rewards

Published: 2/Jun/2021 13:15 Updated: 2/Jun/2021 13:52

by James Busby


As the hype surrounding Battlefield 6 continues to grow, EA is now giving away Battlefield 4 to all Amazon Prime customers. Here’s how you can claim the title for free.

The Battlefield 6 rumors and leaks have been flooding in on various forums and social media, which has only served to add to the overall excitement for the upcoming title. Fortunately, Amazon Prime members can add Battlefield 4 to their collection at no additional cost.

Whether you’re looking to kill time before the big Battlefield 6 reveal or wish to hone your skills before the game’s official release, Battlefield 4 will enable you to do just that. 


Battlefield 4’s playerbase has seen a huge boost after fans have flocked back to its servers, but this is set to increase even further thanks to the Amazon Prime giveaway. The FPS title is currently $19.99/£17.99 on Origin, so if you wish to hop back into the action, then our handy guide will have you fragging out for free in no time. 

How to claim the Battlefield 4 Prime Gaming reward

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 is still incredibly popular.

The Prime Gaming rewards are constantly updated each month, giving fans the opportunity to update their gaming library with new titles. Prime Gaming’s latest giveaway features Battlefield 4. Here’s how you can claim it: 

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account
  2. Register for an Amazon Prime subscription if you haven’t already. 
  3. Head over to the Prime Gaming section. 
  4. Scroll down to ‘Games with Prime’. 
  5. Click on Battlefield 4 and hit the ‘Claim’ button to get your download code. 
  6. Head over to Origin to redeem the Battlefield 4 code. 

When does the Battlefield 4 Prime Gaming reward expire?

The Battlefield 4 Prime reward code can be claimed from June 1 until June 20. After that, you will no longer be able to claim the game for free.


The Prime Gaming rewards get replaced by new titles each month, so make sure you check the site regularly for all the latest freebies.