Battlefield V Firestorm leak reveals potential map expansion

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There might be some major changes in the works for the Halvoy map in Battlefield V Firestorm, if potentially leaked information is to be believed.

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The popular title has been going toe-to-toe with other battle royale market leaders, such as Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, and others since its March 25 release.

While gamers might still be enjoying jumping into the title’s current Halvoy map, it looks as if a significant expansion may be coming soon.

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Electronic ArtsBattlefield V players might not have seen all of Firestorm’s Halvoy map just yet.

Halvoy expansion in Battlefield V’s Firestorm? 

Battlefield data miner @temporyal has been browsing through the game’s files and has revealed their latest findings on Reddit – where they look to have made an interesting discovery.

“While managing the co-ordinated of the spawn locations I came across the idea that the Firestorm map seems to be cut horizontally,” the data miner said. “We’re currently just playing on the lower half of it.”

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This would suggest that players have only yet seen half of Halvoy, which may or may not tease an expansion in the future.

temporyal, RedditData miner compares center point of the Twisted Steel and Halvoy maps. Clearly, there’s a difference.
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Battlefield designer responds 

Comparing the Halvoy layout with Twisted Steel, a vast multiplayer map, it was clear to see that the former had a clear center point, whereas the latter’s X axis is actually much closer to the border than the middle.

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Battlefield level designer Matt Wagner has responded to the leaked information on Twitter, where he explained that having the point not in the center is completely normal.

“This is based on you assuming that 0,0 (x,y) has to be in the middle of the map?” he tweeted. “Fuck, that means Devastation was planned to be 4 times as big, right? Someone should have told me.”

Whether or not the designer is simply trying to hide a future change to the map is unknown. He might well have killed the expansion theory, but it’s certainly one aspect of the game to keep tabs on.

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