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When will Duos be available in Battlefield V Firestorm?

Published: 26/Mar/2019 22:34 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 23:31

by Eli Becht


Battlefield V has added in its battle royale Firestorm mode but it launched with just Solos and Squads, leaving fans to wonder when Duos would be arriving.

Battlefield V launched back in November 2018 but we’re just now seeing the addition of the Firestorm battle royale mode.


Firestorm was a long-anticipated mode and has largely lived up to the hype by taking the Battlefield field formula and throwing a battle royale spin on it.

Like Apex Legends before it, another battle royale published by EA, Firestorm is missing a popular mode in battle royales and that’s the Duos mode.


If you drop into Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode you’ll see there are just two modes available – Solos and Squads. All hope isn’t lost if you’re looking for a Duos mode though.


EAWhen will Firestorm gets Duos?

According to a post on EA’s website, Duo play will be coming in a future update in April, just for a limited time, likely to test things out.

“Note that Firestorm will be improved and expanded after launch for all Battlefield V players as part of Tides of War; Duo play, for instance, is coming for a limited time in April,” the post says.


Even though it says Duos will just be enabled for a limited time, it’s hard to actually believe that will be the case. 

Firestorm would be right at home with a Duos game mode so it’d be surprising to not see it stick around for the long haul.


Stranger things have happened though so stay tuned.

In the meantime, players can look forward to a Duos mode in Battlefield V Firestorm in April, even if it’s just for a limited time.

Battlefield V still has a lot of support mapped out for the future so players can probably look forward to more features added in as the game evolves and grows.