DICE working on another futuristic Battlefield despite BF 2042 troubles

battlefield DICE EADICE

A new leak has revealed Battlefield developer DICE is already working on a new futuristic game, moving on quickly from 2021’s Battlefield 2042. 

Battlefield 2042 was seen by both developer DICE and long-time fans of the franchise as a major disappointment.

Publisher Electronic Arts themselves even admitted sales for the game were “disappointing,” and that the game didn’t “meet expectations.”

Now, a new report reveals that EA and DICE are moving forward with another Battlefield title and are looking to learn from their past mistakes.

battlefield specialistsEA
DICE is hoping the next Battlefield can put the franchise back on track.

New report reveals next Battlefield will be “modern” shooter

Tom Henderson, the reporter behind many leaks in the past, has made public DICE’s plans for the future of the Battlefield franchise.

In the article, he details EA’s desire to move forward with the Battlefield franchise with an entirely new game.

Henderson said DICE has learned “valuable lessons” from the disastrous release of Battlefield 2042, and efforts will be made to “revert” changes made in 2042 that were divisive in the community.

Some of those changes could come to the 128 player count feature, as well as the introduction of specialists, changes that might be stricken from the next title.

player wingsuiting away from tornadoElectronic Arts
Battlefield 2042’s player count has only plummeted since launch.

One major detail emerged from the leak about the untitled next installment in the franchise: the game will have a “modern/near-future” setting.

Although Battlefield 2042 is slated to get tons of content post-launch, including four new specialists, a “large portion” of DICE workers have moved on to the next Battlefield game.

EA nor DICE have publicly said anything about the next game in the Battlefield series, but according to this new information, it might be released sooner than most expected.