Dice reveals major change to Battlefield V content roadmap

EA Dice

Dice have revealed a major change to their Battlefield V content road map by announcing just when fans can expect the new Theater of War content is to be released.

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Back on March 22, Dice revealed the roadmap for the rest of 2019 in terms of content for Battlefield V. A new map based on the Greek island of Crete – known as ‘Mercury’ is set for release in May, with a new 5v5 close-quarters mode set to follow in June.

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However, it has been confirmed that they have altered that initial roadmap by finally announcing a date range for which players can expect the new Theater of War addition.

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EA DiceFirestorm was the last big addition to Battlefield V

New Theater of War story

During the March 22 update, Dice announced that a new Theater of War, which will include a whole boatload of new epic additions to the game, would be released in the Fall of 2019 – leaving an open window in which players might expect the new content.

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Now, in a tweet from April 25, Battlefield North American community manager Jeff Braddock revealed that fans will have a shorter wait than initially expected for a new expansion. He posted: “The Roadmap released in March shows a map coming in May, 5v5 with maps coming in June, more maps this summer, and a new theater of war Sept/Oct.”

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When will Chapter 4 and 5 release?

While the months had been known for the summer content, the epic Theater of War addition should freshen up the popular game after having a focus placed on the online content following the release of the Firestorm Battle Royale on March 25.

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There may not be an exact release day for the Chapter 5 additions, even with Dice confirming a window for the new content, but at least fans will now be able to gear up for the new story before the turn of the year.

It remains to be seen just when and what Dice will reveal in their new story, with only the title of ‘Awakening The Giant’ being known so far.

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