The difference between common, rare and epic weapons in Battlefield V Firestorm

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Battlefield V Firestorm is available to play right now. Players are still figuring out Criterion’s take on battle royale and the changes they have brought to the genre. One of them is the varying levels of weapons.

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Common, rare and epic weapons

Primary weapons in Battlefield 5 Firestorm will come in three varieties: common, rare and epic. As the names suggest they are increasingly powerful.

Common weapons will come with a green army rank image, rare with blue and epic with pink.

Common weapons are the most basic versions of a particular gun. They will come without sights, smaller magazines and be harder to control. Rare weapons will add another level of functionality to the gun. These include close range sights, improved recoil, and quicker ADS.

Finally, epic weapons are the best version of that gun available. These reduce recoil further, add longer-range sights, extended mags and even faster bullets.

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Battlefield V Firestorm is available to play now for Battlefield 5 owners…

Firestorm weapons

This begs the question, however, what are the specific differences between the guns? They are listed below.


The most effective weapons at very close range are shotguns. As long as you don’t miss your shot, in a close-range encounter you’re likely to win against someone with a rifle, or even SMG.

  • 12g Automatic – A frequently used shotgun
    • Rare provides an extended magazine and quick reload
    • Epic grants improved bullet penetration and also a heavy load.
  • M97 – A high damage shotgun that works at a slightly longer range
    • Rare M97 comes with improved ADS speed and slug rounds
    • Epic provides increased headshot damage and the Lattey close-range sight

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Sub-machine guns

SMGs are best used close range due to their rapid fire rate. Using them anywhere longer than mid-range, will put you at a disadvantage, however.

  • MP40 – Your standard SMG and easy to control
    • Rare provides quicker ADS, reduced recoil and a reflex sight
    • Epic has improved ADS while stationary and moving on top of a close-range lens sight
  • Suomi KP/-31 – High recoil and fast firing
    • Rare has improved hipfire, quick deploy and a reflex sight
    • Epic has a higher rate of fire, reduced recoil and a reflex sight
  • STEN – An easier to use version of the MP40
    • Rare has improved hipfire, faster reload speed, and a reflex sight
    • Epic also has improved hipfire, minimizes recoil and is found with a reflex sight
  • Tommy Gun – Commonly known as the M1928A1
    • Rare reduces recoil, quick ADS and a reflex sight
    • Epic comes with an extended mag, reduced recoil, and a lens sight

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Epic weapons along with powerful vehicles can be found in vehicle locks ups…


Rifles tend to be the go weapon category for most players. They are capable of killing over long-distances while still maintaining effectiveness at short-range.

  • Gewehr 43 – Your basic run and gun assault rifle
    • Rare provides quicker and improved ADS, along with an aperture sight
    • Epic gives you “faster” bullets, improved recoil and a ZF4 mid-range scope
  • M1A1 Carbine – High fire rate but low damage
    • Rare variant has quicker ADS and deploy speed, on top of a reflex sight
    • Epic comes with a useful extended mag, improved hipfire and a reflex sight
  • StG 44 – Accurate and high power
    • Rare reduces recoil, faster ADS, and has a reflex sight
    • Epic has further improved ADS speed, reduced recoil and a ZF4 mid-range scope
  • Gustloff Prototype – Close range assault rifle
    • Rare comes with reduced recoil, faster reload and a reflex sight
    • Epic has improved ADS, reduced recoil and reflex sight

Sniper Rifles

The higher skill but higher reward category of weapons. Snipers, and the long-range kills they can provide, will prove very effective as long as you can master them.

  • ZH-29 – Semi-automatic and high accuracy sniper
    • Rare comes with a bipod, quicker ADS, and a close-range sight
    • Epic provides “faster” bullets, improved ADS, and a mid-range scope
  • Kar98k – Bolt-action, powerful sniper
    • Rare provides a quicker deploy speed, improved ADS, and a close-range sight.
    • Epic rewards with a bipod, quick cycling of bullets, and a mid-range scope.
  • Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l – Higher fire rate which results in effectiveness mid-range
    • Rare adds quick reload and quick deploy
    • Epic adds quick cycle and a bayonet

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Machine guns

Effective at taking out multiple enemies, shooting down vehicles and holding objectives. Their high fire rate, high damage, and bigger clips are counteracted by their lack of mobility and recoil.

  • Bren Gun – Provides a top-loaded mag
    • Rare offers reduced recoil, quick reload, and an AA close-range sight
    • Epic Bren Gun utilizes “faster” bullets, an improved bipod, and the M84 mid-range scope
  • FG-42 – Smaller magazine but a fast fire rate
    • Rare provides quick and improved ADS, on top of the AA close-range sight
    • Epic grants reduced recoil, faster ADS while moving, and the ZFG42 mid-range scope
  • MG 42 – Very high rate of fire and relatively easy to use
    • Rare offers an improved flash hider, “faster” bullets, and the AA close-range sight
    • Epic has better cooling, a rate-of-fire boost, and the AA close-range sight.

Invariably picking up any epic gun will likely serve you better than sticking with a common variant of gun.

It will be interesting to see whether, and if, one of these guns, or type of guns, become the meta in Battlefield V Firestorm.

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