Battlefield V: Everything you need to know about Firestorm’s Objectives and Reinforcements

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Battlefield V Firestorm released on March 25 and added new elements to the battle royale formula such as Objectives and Reinforcements that can massively change the tide of the game. 

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Players looking for a boost in their match have loads of small objectives scattered across Halvøy that can reward the player with high tier loot, epic vehicles and more.

Collecting a lot of these objectives will either leave a player open for attack or give away their position, so it’s best to do it with a squad but Solo players can also reap the rewards.

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EA DiceThere will be tons of ways to load up with the best loot while staying ahead of the Firestorm.


Firestorm is filled with small objectives that includes Strongboxes, Safes, Re-supply points and a lot more. Though some of the objectives can be quickly gathered, others require a bit more daring in order to obtain.


These are the secured wooden crates stashed around the map. Strongboxes can be a great source for weapons, gadgets and heals in the game.

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The boxes can have up to three items ranging from Common, Rare as well as Epic tier and can be found mostly around major landmarks.

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The safes around Halvøy will require a player to hunker down for a moment in order to open them. While anyone can crack one open, it will keep a player vulnerable to attack if they don’t have someone covering them.

Safes typically have high tier loot, which makes the risk payout more often than not.

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Supply Drops

Similar to other battle royales, Firestorm incorporates Supply Drops throughout various points in a game. Players already know that these tend to be an immediate hotzone for action, but with a worthy reward going to the victor.

Supply Drops routinely carry great loot, and let out a green smoke once it lands on the ground.

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EA DiceRe-Supply Points will be easily seen with easily seen balloons in the air.

Re-Supply Points

These objectives act as a king of the kill within a battle royale. These objectives randomly activate throughout a match and alert everyone in the game to their existence.

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In order to capture it, players will have to stay within the contested area until it’s fully claimed. Throughout a game, more than 20 of these points can become active, but each one will give a great chance to nab Rare or Epic loot.

Active Supply Points can still be captured even if it’s in the Firestorm, so a whole squad will want to stay on it to claim its prizes sooner.

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Vehicle Lockups

The lockups hold everything from tanks, Epic loot and more, making them the prime Objectives in Firestorm to secure. As such, players will be hard-pressed to fight over them, especially since attempting to open one will let out a blaring alarm which signals to everyone around that a Lockup is being opened.

To open them, a squad or Solo player will have to quickly complete the interaction with two mechanisms on either side of the large bunker door. When the dials begin to move a loud sound will come from the Lockups, but players can quiet the alarm at any time by stopping the process to open the door.

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EA DICEBunkers should see the most actions, because there’ll be a massive reward for coming out on top.


Players can summon Reinforcements in the form of a Vehicle Drop, Artillery Strike, and more with the help of a flare gun.

Squads and Solo players can have a chance at finding flare guns by taking any of the Objectives but will have better luck finding one from securing Re-supply Points.

Specific flare guns can give access to a Supply Drop to unlock instant gear for one’s squad, a Vehicle Drop ranging from combat or transport machines, an Artillery Strike that bombards the surrounding area, and a V-1 Rocket that can be called down to a more specific point.

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Firestorm developers Criterion have included an insane amount of vehicles and armaments in Firestorm for players to utilize, and are looking to add more as the game evolves.