Battlefield V Firestorm battle royale gameplay revealed

Paul Cot

Battlefield V‘s battle royale mode, Firestorm, is just four days from release and we now have our first look at some official gameplay.

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Firestorm gameplay

On March 7 we had a leaked video tutorial of Firestorm, which was followed by the official reveal trailer on March 14. One week later, suggesting the original leak may have been coordinated, and we now have official gameplay to analyze.

The video shows what we can expect from Firestorm, including 17 vehicles, destructable environments, Battlefield’s signature gun play and the Firestorm itself. The video is a combination of game engine footage and actual gameplay.

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How big is the Battlefield V Firestorm map?

Battlefield 5 players are still trying to figure out what the dynamic of their battle royale game will be. Once again, Halvoy, the Firestorm map, is boasted to be 10 times the size of the previous biggest Battlefield V map, Hamada.

The initial starting zone doesn’t include the whole map though, and will change each game. This will hopefully result in the game staying fresh as you will be forced to mix up drop points.

Electronic Arts
Halvoy is 10 times bigger than Hamada…

How many players are there in Firestorm?

It has been confirmed thay 64 players will enter Halvoy for each match. This raises questions about the pacing of the game, with the emphasis and choice provided on vehicles, it suggests they will play an important role in Firestorm.

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The Firestorm itself

Minus Battlefield’s shooting mechanics, the Firestorm wall looks to be the most discernible feature of the battle royale mode. Previous battle royale games have utilized some form of force-field collapse. A great wall of fire certainly adds a unique concept to the playable area.

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Consequently, it will likely affect how games are played out. It was previously speculated the Firestorm wall might be fatal relatively quickly because buildings are destroyed rather easily. However, snippets of footage show you can survive in the Firestorm, and that the early circle collapses are more forgiving.

The Firestorm destroys buildings…

While inside the Firestorm, vision is drastically impacted. This is even more true when you are right on the edge, as you can see nothing but the yellow flames which engulf your screen.

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Interestingly, you can cannot see outside of it either. This means, unlike in other battle royale games, that you can’t use the circle to your advantage. The same applies when looking in from the outside.