When is Battlefield V Firestorm coming? BF5 Battle Royale trailer revealed, details and more

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Battlefield V’s Firestorm Battle Royale is still yet to be released by DICE, despite being announced some time ago. Here is everything we know about the mode so far – including a brand new trailer! 

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DICE announced the mode at E3 2018 by simply stating the word ‘Royale’. One twist on the mode is that it is still Battlefield and the game operates completely different to any other title.

racking up over 50 million players – showing the popularity of well-done battle royale games.

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Despite a rocky start to life, Battlefield V is receiving plenty of new content – but the wait for Firestorm goes on.

Can Battlefield’s Firestorm mode carve out space for itself in an already hugely crowded market? This is everything we know about Firestorm, so far.

When will Firestorm be released?

Electronic Arts have revealed that the new battle royale game will finally launch on March 25, after having revealed a brand new trailer on March 14 – which can be seen below. 

What does the trailer look like? 

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How many players will be in one game?

A leak on March 7 revealed that Firestorm will include solo, duos and squads. This means there will be a minimum of 16 teams in squads and 32 in duos.

Prior to the leak, it had been previously speculated that Firestorm may only include squads due to the teamwork nature of the game. The news of at least three different player options will be welcomed by those who prefer to go it alone.

64 players will do battle in Firestorm.
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How will the outside zone/circle work?

While details for the mode are still limited, DICE has already given us a sneak peek about the circle. In the initial teaser trailer debuted at E3, the map was surrounded by a ring of fire – hence the name, Firestorm.

The latest leaked footage shows how severe the circle, or the Firestorm, is. Buildings are quickly destroyed by the fire, therefore it’s reasonable to assume players won’t survive long either. This would be a different circle dynamic to previous battle royale games where the circle, especially in the early stages, is quite forgiving.

The official trailer appears to go out of its way to show that players can in fact survive in the Firestorm. Whether this is for any significant amount of time remains unknown. Previous speculation was, given it is a huge storm of fire, that players would be killed very quickly.

Players will be pushed by a ring of fire – but not the one from the Johnny Cash song
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What is the map looking like?

In traditional Battlefield style, the map is expected to be huge and there will be vehicles available to use. The aforementioned leaked footage shows the terrain is mountainous combining greenery with snow. It is hard to gauge the exact size of the map but it doesn’t look small.

DICE has already revealed that Panzer tanks and other vehicles will spawn, and holding one will give you an advantage over your opponents – but it won’t lead to invincibility and easy wins. These vehicles will also lead you to be able to cause destruction to the map and it’s surroundings – changing the look and feel of each game you drop into.

The official trailer has also revealed that there are vehicles capable of traversing both water and land. Footage shows a boat in a gun-fight with a helicopter, which then rides onto land and behaves as a normal car would.

How will you enter a game of Firestorm?

Players will drop right into the map from a plane, in a very similar fashion to other battle royale games . such as Fortnite, PUBG and others. 

What else is DICE bringing to the table?

Battlefield will use aspects that are rarely seen in other BR games but are staples of previous Battlefield releases. 

There will be several types of objectives in a match – like those found in the Conquest multiplayer game type. With these, you’ll be able to secure better supplies, weapons and vehicles in a bid to picking up a victory.

Another element DICE are bringing to the table is “opening safes”. Whether these are simple to open or not is unclear but they will give you rare loot.

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