Battlefield Mobile first details revealed: Weapons, vehicles, modes

Battlefield MobileEA Dice

Battlefield players are hyped up for October and the long-awaited release of Battlefield 2042, but Battlefield Mobile is also set to drop soon. Here’s what we know. 

The release of Battlefield 2042 is drawing closer by the day. Ushering in a hyper-stylized take on futuristic warfare, fans are excited for the franchise to return for the first time since 2018. Promising huge signature skirmishes and jaw-dropping spectacle, it’s a great time to be a Battlefield player.

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It isn’t just console players getting a slice of the action, though. Battlefield Mobile is now appearing on the Google Play store.

Bringing the war to the mobile market, here’s what we know so far.

Battlefield 2042 weapons assault rifleEA DICE
A new era for the franchise is coming.

Battlefield Mobile gameplay details

While Battlefield Mobile isn’t available to download at the time of writing, we do have details on what to expect. Veering away from the compact experience of CoD Mobile, EA are looking to replicate their console success in a portable way.

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Touted to bring “large-scale battles” to mobile players, it is safe to say that we can expect classic modes like conquest to make an appearance. Players won’t be disappointed when it comes to destruction either, as EA will be including “large-scale destruction” in true Battlefield fashion.

The map Grand Bazaar and “classic Battlefield game mode” , Conquest will be available during to start with. . EA will likely drop a mixture of new and familiar modes as development goes on. If you’re looking to buddy up too, you’re in luck. Battalion building and squads are rumored to return. Progress made in the Autumn play test will wiped at its conclusion.

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Battlefield MobileEA Dice
Signature Battlefield gameplay is headed to mobile.

Weapons and customization

The battle will change constantly, as new weapons are unlocked through ranked progression. From assault rifles to sidearms, Battlefield Mobile will offer flexible customization for every playstyle. Franchise classics such as the FN2000 (first seen in Battlefield 2) and the P226 (Battlefield 4) are part of the huge arsenal fans can explore.

It wouldn’t be Battlefield without specific roles returning either. Whether it’s time to be a medic or try something new, roles will be included for Battlefield’s mobile debut.

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Fans looking to add their own touch to their operator can do so with changeable skins too.

Battlefield MobileEA Dice
Gameplay will be tailored to each player’s requirements.

Vehicles in Battlefield Mobile

Traversing the warzone of Battlefield can be risky, but luckily there are some awesome vehicles to choose from. Tanks will be wrecking the place, allowing for players to capture some classic Battlefield gameplay. Partnered with the destructive environments, using these armored mammoths is sure to be a blast.

Players looking for something faster can hop onto ATVs, to make an agile getaway from dangerous foes.

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Aircraft like helicopters will surely make an appearance too.

Battlefield Mobile

When is Battlefield Mobile releasing?

Battlefield players looking for their first taste of mobile warfare can register for an Autumn playtest. Available on Android and iOS, the preview will initially be for fans in Indonesia and the Philippines. A wider release will follow in the months to come.

Remember to keep checking back with us, as more Battlefield Mobile developments unfold.

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