Battlefield 6 leaked screenshots reveal first look at modern setting

Battlefield 4 character holding a weaponEA/DICE

A couple of screenshots, apparently of Battlefield 6, have surfaced online and if the leaker’s claims are true, it’s going to be quite the departure from the recent historical-themed Battlefield games.

The hype around the new Battlefield game has been growing for quite some time, given that there wasn’t a new installment to the franchise in 2020, as Dice were working on something for the next generation of gaming.

We’re now quickly approaching that time of the year where developers and publishers start to reveal what they’ve been working on, giving up teasers, screenshots, and trailers over time.

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As a result, leaks usually start to ramp up as well, and that’s no different for Battlefield as the first look at a mission has apparently been shown off in new leaked screenshots.

Battlefield 6 gameEA/DICE
Battlefield 6 is one of the most highly-anticipated title of 2021.

These two screenshots surfaced on May 1, with players quickly debating if they were real or a pretty sophisticated fake.

One of the two images shows what appears to be a cutscene where players are being flown into a mission location alongside a raft of support helicopters, with a pretty nasty storm being shown above a beach.

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The second image has a bit more action to it. It shows a player being sat in, presumably, a helicopter, with them being aimed in on a SpaceX-like rocket before it takes off. Unlike the first image, the second one has features that resemble a HUD, with weapon selection in the bottom-right, and a lock-on target to a jet in the top-left.

As noted, players couldn’t decide if these were fake or not, but gaming leaker Tom ‘LongSensation’ Henderson said that they were, in fact, real and matched up with what he’d previously seen and described.

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Of course, while Henderson has been spot on with some leaks in the past, it’s always worth taking things with a pinch of salt until the developers reveal things themselves.

Battlefield’s reveal trailer is slated to go live on May 7, so we don’t have to wait all that long to find out if they’re real or not. For more info on the new release, check out our dedicated hub here.

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