Battlefield 6 & FIFA 22 release dates hinted at by EA

Nick Farrell
ea release slideshow

EA has been piling on news regarding their new titles as of late. Now, they have teased the release dates of multiple games in 2021 – like FIFA 22 and Battlefield.

EA announced their 2021 iteration of EA Play Live on May 11, and this is where we can expect to see an ample amount of their titles showcased for the first time. One in particular, Battlefield 6, has been catching the eye of many gamers, as it is one of the most anticipated games coming out in 2021.

Along with Battlefield 6, EA has intended on releasing their annual sporting titles which include FIFA and Madden. Now, a new slideshow presented during an earnings call has alluded to when multiple EA games will be releasing.

ea play live that was announced
EA Play Live was announced for July 22, 2021.

Release windows for FIFA 22 & Battlefield

During a company earnings call held by EA, they presented a slideshow talking about the forecast the company has for the remainder of 2021. Within this presentation, they noted some fiscal notes along with their window of releases for the remaining quarters of 2021.

EA notes that Battlefield 6 will release sometime in the Q3 window of 2021, and since they are using a fiscal calendar, this translates to anytime between October to December. Furthermore, they have also classified Madden 22, F1 2021, and FIFA 22 in Q2 2021. Or for better terms, July to September.

ea slideshow
EA’s full release window for 2021 so far

The final title they have noted in this slideshow is EA Sports PGA Tour, which has a slated release window for January to March 2022.

Besides the confirmation of these windows, no other news was noted in the accompanying slideshow.