Battlefield 3 Reality Mod finally gets an official release date

Reality Mod releases on July 17Reality Mod

Classic Battlefield fans are finally receiving a long-anticipated gift, as the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod developers announced an official release date.

Battlefield 2042 is heading in the right direction after successful 1.0 and 1.1 updates. Players are even flocking back onto Battlefield 2042 servers in a surprising turn of events. 

Battlefield 2042 introduced Portal, a brand new game mode that allows players to relive classic maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

Legendary Battlefield 3 maps Caspian Border and Noshar Canals were included at the launch of Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately, Portal never received any massive updates after its initial launch.

Classic Battlefield fans had nowhere to go for new content, but they won’t have to wait much longer.

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A battlefield 2042 dogfightElectronic Arts
Battlefield Portal provides players with a blast into the past.

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod release date

Battlefield news account Battlefield Bulletin confirmed that Battlefield 3 Reality Mod releases on July 17. It is a completely reworked Battlefield 3 mod that was initially announced in 2021.

The mod overhauls vanilla BF3 with the goal of providing a more tactical and realistic experience. Reality Mod will initially launch with five modified and expanded BF3 maps.

The Reality Mod Developers said, “our fundamental goal is to create immersive gameplay and a more realistic experience. We are designing and developing all aspects of the game around this goal.”

According to Battlefield Bulletin, Reality Mod will have completely reworked gameplay and user interface, 100-plus player servers, dynamic weather, and Frostbite engine physics and visual effects. 

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Other key features include in-game VOIP, and custom game modes and maps. 

The developers posted a release trailer on YouTube.

Reality Mod uses Venice Unleased, a free-to-use modding system that offers private dedicated servers and modding capabilities. 

Players will need to install the Venice Unleashed client and own a legit copy of Battlefield 3 on PC with all DLCs or Premium in order to play Reality Mod. 

This may be just what the doctor ordered for classic Battlefield fans not entirely satisfied with Battlefield 2042’s Portal.