Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be a content creator’s dream

BF 2042 Portal gameplayElectronic Arts

With the reveal of Battlefield 2042’s ambitious community toolset in Portal, DICE could be set to dominate the content creator space as the year begins to wind down. Here’s why the upcoming shooter might be primed for a takeover.

When EA unveiled the next generation of Battlefield back in June, it did so with a familiar approach. Our first look gave us more of the standard action experience fans have grown accustomed to over the past 20 years, just ramped up with new-gen features and a considerable bump to a 128 player count.

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But, with the more recent reveal of Battlefield Portal, something clicked.

There’s more here than just the traditional multiplayer offerings. In fact, there could even be more potential with this creative sandbox than both of 2042’s other modes combined.

Letting the community run wild with assets from four separate Battlefield games may sound like a recipe for disaster at first – especially if the engine isn’t ready for some of the more outrageous ideas.

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But Portal might just be the perfect ploy at the best time possible to capture a bigger audience than ever before, and at just the right time, too.

Battlefield Portal gameplayElectronic Arts
DICE gave the world another taste of their next title, Battlefield 2042, this week.

A blend of simple and complex tools for widespread appeal

Rather than dumping all of Portal’s creative features into a single convoluted system, DICE has adopted two separate methods to appeal to a wider audience.

Up first are the more common settings that your average player might want to mess around with.

It’s in these simple tools that you can quickly mix and match assets from various games without being overwhelmed by options and information. Just want to disable a certain gun? You’ll be able to do that in a matter of seconds through Portal. Want to design a simple 1v1 tank mode? Shouldn’t be a hassle with the initial options on EA’s new web-based platform.

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For the more intricate designs, however, a much deeper system is also readily available for those willing to commit the time. This logic editor allows for advanced coders to really fine-tune the most minuscule details and craft their own ideal experiences.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced game dev already, Battlefield Portal has a way of catering to your proficiency. Even for content creators that simply don’t have the time, if the idea is solid, there’s sure to be someone in the community that would iterate and bring the vision to life.

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Providing both levels of access could keep streamers coming back on a regular basis to create content around the next viral mode, and in turn, builders could be inspired to keep refining the biggest hits.

For all we know, the first batch of these deeply considered modes might even be more enticing to the average gamer than Conquest or Breakthrough from 2042’s All-Out Warfare.

Only time will tell but the potential of Portal certainly seems abundant.

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Battlefield PortalElectronic Arts
An advanced logic editor allows for far more complicated tweaks in Battlefield Portal.

An evolving content pipeline to keep the creations flowing

If the floodgates open and many of the world’s biggest personalities begin to collaborate in 2042, DICE could be in a great position to capitalize. The new Battlefield adopts a seasonal approach that’s already seen immense success in the likes of Fortnite and Warzone to name a few.

The first 12 months are set to bring four seasons with new maps, weapons, and more along the way. While this steady stream of content can keep the regular multiplayer modes alive and well, it also opens a realm of possibilities for the other side of this equation.

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With Portal, almost 20 years of Battlefield history is now ripe for the picking. At launch, we’ll see assets from three classic titles revitalized for new-gen hardware. But if all goes according to plan, there’s nothing stopping this creative toolset from harkening back to any of the 11 previous games.

From Battlefield 2 maps to Battlefield 2142 vehicles, it appears as though nothing is off-limits. This gives creators a fresh range of tools to play with as each passing update comes into focus.

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With a seasonal structure in place, this constant influx of new and returning additions could keep the experience fresh for months or even years to come.

Battlefield Portal gameplayElectronic Arts
With four seasons planned for the first year, there could always be something new on the horizon in Battlefield Portal.

Industry fatigue has creator’s desperate for the next big thing

Over the past few years we’ve seen plenty of flashes in the pan and a smaller handful of titles that found a core audience. From the rapid success of Fall Guys to the longstanding Among Us craze, a number of games have broken the mold and gone on to find success in the content creator bubble. But it’s been too long since something fresh was added to the mix and really got everyone excited.

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Enter Battlefield 2042. A polished FPS on the surface with an expansive toolkit underneath to allow for just about any wild idea to flourish. Anything a popular streamer can dream up, it appears more than possible through Portal.

From hide and seek videos with a lobby full of big names, to the ultimate 1v1 proving grounds, Portal might serve as a playground that appeals to everyone.

Tired of Warzone’s laundry list of bugs and frustrating lack of anticheat? There’s a good chance you can replicate a similar experience in Portal. Bored of the latest Among Us map? Battlefield players could recreate the same style of game across 13 different environments at launch.

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If the toolkit lives up to its potential, the sky could very well be the limit.

In a year where new releases have been few and far between, and almost everyone is waiting for the next trend to emerge, Battlefield 2042 could well be primed to steal the spotlight, in a big way — as a content creator’s dream.

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