Everything in Battlefield 2042 Season 3: New Spearhead map, Specialist system rework, more

Battlefield 2042 season 3 cover artElectronic Arts

Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation is next on the agenda and this major content drop marks one year since the game’s full release. To celebrate the occasion, players can expect a range of new equipment, another Specialist, and of course, a massive map to get familiar with. Here’s everything there is to know.

Exactly one year on from Battlefield 2042’s release and EA is now gearing up for the third seasonal patch. Escalation is on the horizon as developers have revealed all-new content and quality-of-life improvements locked in for the update.

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From fresh content including the typical map, Specialist, and arsenal upgrades, to the first wave of a class system rework, there’s plenty for both newcomers and experienced players alike to wrap their heads around.

So before you drop back into the action, be sure to brush up on everything coming in Battlefield 2042 Season 3.


Battlefield 2042 Season 3Electronic Arts
A full look at everything coming in Season 3.

Battlefield 2042: Season 3 release date

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is all set to go live on Tuesday, November 22. This comes just 10 days removed from the one-year anniversary of the game’s launch.

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While devs had initially planned to be well beyond the third season by this point, delays to the first big update pushed the rest of the schedule back. Rest assured, the Season 3 update is among the biggest thus far.

New Spearhead map arrives in Season 3

Headlining the Season 3 drop is Spearhead, the very first Battlefield map set in Sweden. This location is similar in scope to Stranded, dropping players into a lush mountainside fit with two enormous facilities.

These giant facilities are mostly autonomous, producing high-tech weaponry that comes into play through the rest of Season 3’s content. Teams will be fighting both indoors and outdoors with a wide range of vehicles all at your disposal, meaning on-ground and aerial combat is supported here.

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Also of note, Season 3 is set to implement reworks for two original maps. New versions of both Manifest and Breakaway are set to arrive throughout the season.

Battlefield 2042 gameplayElectronic Arts
The new Battlefield 2042 map features a mix of indoor and outdoor combat.

Rasheed Zain debuts as new Assault Specialist

As always, the dawn of a new season in Battlefield 2042 brings an entirely new Specialist to the mix. This time around it’s Egyptian Assault Specialist Rasheed Zain joining the fight.

As a veteran of war, Zain knows combat all too well, having had both legs amputated due to an earlier incident. His spirited perseverance lends to quicker health regen, providing a burst of life on each kill. The new character also drops into battle with an Airburst Launcher, specifically designed to flush out enemies hiding behind cover.

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Also on the way in Season 3 is the first step in shifting Battlefield back to its roots with the class-based system. Once it’s ready later on in the update, players can expect to find Specialists sorted into classes, with each receiving specific equipment, gadgets, and weapon proficiencies too.

Battleifle d2042 gameplayElectronic Arts
Zain pushes the pace as a new Assault Specialist in Season 3.

Three new weapons & throwing knives return

Arriving as part of the Season 3 update are three new high-tech weapons. Players will soon have access to the Rorsch MK4, a one-of-a-kind railgun, the NVK-S22, a double-barrelled shotgun, and the NVK-P125, a devastating pistol.

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Also included in the content drop are Throwing Knives, the lethal equipment that exploded in popularity throughout previous Battlefield titles. As you would expect, all of the above can be unlocked throughout the Season 3 Battle Pass among the free Tiers.

A tank with laser beams

Last but not least in Season 3 comes a devastating new vehicle. The EMKV80-TOR is yet another Tank in rotation but this one comes with a special rail gun equipped to leave your enemies reeling.

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Battlefield 2042 gameplay tankElectronic Arts
This new tank is sure to be a fan favorite in Season 3.

At the press of a button those in command of the vehicle can swap between two modes. Mobility mode is available for swift movement while Siege mode provides a faster fire rate at the tradeoff of speed.

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