Battlefield 2042 players are demanding key feature to dig it out of a grave

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Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 update drew players back, but some players believe a legacy feature could help recoup more lost fans.

EA shot down claims of abandoning Battlefield 2042 in June. Dice backed up the claim by finally announcing an aim assist fix, rumored for August 2022.

Aiming on console for the new Battlefield has had significant issues since launch. Battlefield 2042’s Community Manager, Strattford87, flagged the issue and confirmed a change is coming.

Despite EA addressing community concerns, the lack of a sever browser is fracturing the Battlefield community in the opinion of some players.

Battlefield 2042 players demand the return of server browsers

Battlefield 2042's Exposure map.Electronic Arts
Battlefield 2042’s Exposure map.

In past Battlefield games, players can create and host private servers. Server hosts had the power to choose available weapons, maps, and game modes.

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Server browsers foster communities and bring Battlefield players together. Years after release, both titles still have flourishing servers, thanks partly to the strong server browser.

2042 did away with server browsers. Players can no longer choose the experiences they want to have and are restricted to just what EA offers.

Reddit user Slayer2K asked, “Was there ever a reason given why Dice decided to do a complete 180 and move away from the server browser?”

One user said, “I got the impression it was part of their efforts to destroy the player-made communities.”

Another player added, “Clans, communication, and the community were really the best parts of the game. I loved playing but came back to hang out.”

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Battlefield players don’t feel that same community presence in Battlefield 2042.

A third player noted, “Dice has ignored the value of ‘community’ in so many ways. They forgot the community is the number one thing that makes a game good or bad.”

If EA wants to stand by not abandoning Battlefield 2042, “ignoring the value of community” only pushes players away.