Battlefield 2042 hacks are already available online 2 months before release


Two months before Battlefield 2042’s official release date and somehow, there are already hacks and cheats for the new game for sale.

Cheaters and hackers are one of the biggest problems facing online FPS games at the moment. Just ask anyone who plays enough Warzone or Apex Legends, and they’ll probably confirm that notion.

However there did seem to be respite on the horizon in Battlefield 2042.

As a new game players expected at least a few weeks or months without hackers running wild… right?

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Battlefield 2042 hacks & cheats already for sale

Battlefield 2042 weapon choicesEA DICE
Battlefield 2042 is already getting the attention of cheat makers.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you. A full two months before the game’s October 22, 2021 release date and there already seems to be a site selling various cheats to those willing to pay.

Dexerto doesn’t encourage cheating in any form, so we won’t share the name of the site selling the cheats. That being said, various hacks are already listed for sale that will supposedly work during the upcoming Open Beta set for early September.

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There’s your classic aimbot cheat, along with cheat radar and ESP wallhacks to complete the set. Even if you’ve never used hacks before, there’s a good chance you’ve seen clips of them or even run into them.

What’s really disheartening is the site advertises it’s cheats as “undetected”. This means they aren’t able to be caught by Battlefield’s anti-cheat in tests.

It takes a special kind of person to pay even more money to cheat after buying a game..

Will Battlefield 2042 have a hacker problem from the start?

It’s impossible to tell whether or not the new Battlefield will be plagued by cheaters from the start or not.

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It’s definitely not a good sign that cheat makers are already hawking their wares. But, as we mentioned, there are two full months at the time of writing until launch.

DICE and EA could use the Open Beta time to beef up Battlefield 2042’s anti-cheat to maybe be better at detecting hacks before launch. Only time will tell though if that happens, or if we’re overrun with suspiciously accurate enemies day one.

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