Early Clips and Videos of Battlefield V Featuring Gameplay, New Weapons, Rotterdam Map, and More

A massive collection of videos from Battlefield V have been gathered for player consumption.

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Battlefield streamer TheTacticalBrit took to Reddit to post a lengthy collection of footage from Battlefield V’s Rotterdam map, taken during Gamescom 2018.

The collection features videos from the likes of FlakfireGaming, JackFrags, LevelCapGaming, and TheTacticalBrit himself, among others.

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The videos gathered are a selection of impressions, first looks, tips, and humorous clips concerning the game’s Rotterdam map, Battlefield’s take on the Dutch city in the midst of WWII.

Notable within the collection are an analysis of the five guns available for use in the Beta, presented by LevelCapGaming. He broke down the weapons’ specs, explaining their customizable assets, class changes, and other assets. A demo of eleven new weapons in the game was likewise uploaded by Flakfire – without commentary.

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BattleFrontUpdates likewise gave his thoughts on the game in a twelve-minute review, where he made comparisons of Battlefield V to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and previous Battlefield titles. He remarked that Battlefield V’s major changes come with regards to players’ health and ammo, and stated that these changes completely alter how the game is played.

Those looking to wreak havoc in the beta will want to take a look at this collection to gain the upper hand against their competition.

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While the Battlefield V Open Beta launches on September 6th, players who pre-ordered and those with EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions will be able to get their hands on the title two days earlier on September 4th.

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