Baldur’s Gate fans stunned as player passes insane skill check

Baldurs gate 3 crazy skill checkLarian Studios / Dexerto

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player was stunned when faced with a 99 skill test, and was surprised when they managed to pass the check by rolling double nat 20s.

BG3 is the latest installment in the series from Larian Studios and is an updated version of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition tabletop RPG ruleset. Released on August 3, BG3 has already taken the RPG world by storm, with close to 100,000 players playing daily.

Like D&D, a majority of BG3’s gameplay is based on skills that are constantly tested throughout the game. A player’s Tav may be tested for simple things like persuading a merchant or being able to one-hit enemies.

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In this case, the player in question was rolling to determine whether or not the final boss of the game would have lower hit points. While this advantage would prove useful for beating the game, it is also next to impossible to hit.

Baldur’s Gate 3 player hits a 9.75% possible roll

Reddit user ‘DemonicAlduin’ posted the original image of them rolling double nat 20s on a 99-strength test. DemonicAlduin did the community a favor by blocking any sort of spoilers from the image, so the check itself is unknown in terms of location or NPC.

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BG3 player rolls 2 nat 20sReddit: DemonicAlduin

The act of rolling one 20 is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. However, when a player is required to roll two 20s in a single shot, the odds of hitting it are dramatically reduced. Other Reddit users beneath the post took the time to break down the mathematical possibility of hitting such a role.

According to several users, the possibility of rolling two nat 20s comes out to roughly 9.75%. This means that players have a less than 10% chance of actually hitting 20 on both dice. For reducing the health of the final boss, it makes sense to have this check be difficult.

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With such low odds, some players have opted to ‘scum save’ their way out of the situation by saving directly before the roll and trying it repeatedly until hitting it, but DemonicAlduin claims that this roll was done without this scum-saving loophole.

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