Baldur’s Gate 3 players unintentionally create a Gale army in co-op mode

Baldur's Gate 3 galeLarian Studios

Two Baldur’s Gate 3 players unknowingly crafted characters resembling the beloved companion, Gale, leading to an unexpected Gale convention in their co-op campaign.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players are constantly finding new ways to amuse themselves and the community alike. Now, one player has shared a hilarious story about their co-op campaign, where both they and their friend independently decided to create characters that looked like Gale, one of the game’s most popular companions.

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The player shared their experience on Twitter, revealing that both of them believed they had come up with a unique and humorous character design.

Little did they know they’d end up with a party consisting of three identical-looking casters and a rogue.

In an attached video, the Gale lookalike can be seen pulling the real Gale from the “unstable portal” in Act 1. As the camera pans between the genuine Gale and his lookalike, the expressions on their faces are priceless.

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The Gale doppelganger appears genuinely shocked to see someone with his exact appearance.

One fan requested a picture of the full Gale squad, to which the player responded with an image showing a full squad of Gales.

They can be seen all wearing identical outfits, standing together in what can only be described as Galeception.

For those unfamiliar with Gale, he is a human wizard known for his knowledge and powerful spells. He’s also been the subject of other amusing incidents in the game. Due to a programming bug, Gale, who was designed to be a complex character with nuanced relationships, would instantly romance players.

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Whether it’s a squad of Gales or the surprisingly big-brained AI, Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to entertain and surprise its players.

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