YouTubers Dude Perfect recreate Apex Legends in real-life battle royale

Dude Perfect: YouTube / EA

YouTubers Dude Perfect brought Apex Legends to life and created a special airsoft arena, complete with supply boxes from the game.

Apex Legends has quite a distinct style that helps separate it from the competition, but who knew that could translate so well to the real world?

Dude Perfect showed off their custom arena to their nearly-50 million YouTube subscribers as the whole group competed against each other to be the top squad.

Wraith in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends comes to life with this airsoft battle.

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An official Apex Legends banner and supply boxes were featured thanks to a sponsorship by EA, but those aren’t the only things that helped convert the game from the virtual world.

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While they couldn’t see this playing the game in person, viewers were treated to an overlay that matches the game where they could see the squad’s health and their loadout. Of course, their health was marked by balloons, not hit points.

apex legends dude perfectDude Perfect: YouTube
Dude Perfect’s video nailed the Apex Legends look and feel.

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Unfortunately, the players didn’t dress up as characters from the game, so viewers weren’t treated to seeing a Pathfinder or Wraith tearing up the battlefield. One person did try out a Caustic-type outfit, so it’s not like it was a total loss.

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When the battle wrapped up, the familiar “You are the Champion” text flashed across the screen, which is what happens when players come out on top in Apex Legends.

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Those hoping to get into an airsoft war of their own can do so at GTI Training, which is where this video was filmed, but all of the Apex accessories will be missing.

The battle royale genre has always lent itself quite well to paintball or airsoft, so it’s actually surprising we don’t see more crossovers like this.

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Obviously, having the entire event sponsored by EA certainly makes things easier to pull off. Who knows, if this actually ends up being beneficial for the publisher, we might be seeing more Apex-themed airsoft wars like this in the future.

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