Apex Legends

xQc performs his most intense desk slam of 2019 after Apex Legends crashes at the worst time

by Bill Cooney



Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been playing a lot of the new Apex Legends battle royale lately and his desk is definitely feeling the effects.


Apex Legends was released on Monday, February 4 and over the course of the following week it amassed over 10 million players.

With an almost unfathomable amount of hype, it’s clear Apex isn’t going away anytime soon and plenty of streamers, including xQc, have added it to their rotation of games.


Like most games xQc plays on stream, Apex Legends offers plenty of opportunity to get tilted, which is just what happened to the Canadian streamer in this clip.

At the end of the round, xQc has taken a tactical position on top of a building, and is just waiting for his opponents to make a mistake, when he disconnects.

After a few seconds of stunned silence, xQc unleashes his Primal Rage right onto his unfortunate desk, (which, has become noticeably less sturdy since he’s moved back to Canada.)


“This is such fucking trash,” xQc exclaimed after carrying out retribution against his desk. “Trash!”

Apex Legends will already have a Twitch Rivals tournament later this month, which xQc will be competing in as well.

Apex Legends is already the biggest game of 2019, and there's no telling when the hype will die down, if it ever does.