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Apex Legends

World record holder Mendo lists 10 things he wants in Apex Legends next update

Published: 17/Apr/2019 12:32 Updated: 17/Apr/2019 13:02

by Calum Patterson


Houston Outlaws member and former Overwatch pro Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Håkanssonhas has explained why he was ‘disappointed’ with Apex Legends, and since the game’s release on February 4, has become one of the leading streamers for the game.

Alongside other talented players like Dizzy, Mendo regularly pulls in thousands of viewers for his Apex Legends broadcasts, but he has also been one of the game’s most vocal critics.

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Respawn EntertainmentCaustic and Gibraltar both got extra damage resistance in the v1.1.1 Apex Legends patch.

Apex Legends v1.1.1 patch doesn’t fix bugs

Although the April 16 update for Apex Legends made significant balancing changes to both legends and weapons, it all but neglected the plethora of bugs which players have been experiencing.


In fact, only a single bug was addressed in the patch, and it wasn’t even one that many players had complained about, if any.

More serious issues, such as failing hit registration, inconsistent hit boxes and even ridiculous flying glitches remain untouched by the developers, leading Mendo to voice his strong opinion on Twitter.

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Chiefly, Mendo says he is concerned that the developers are catering to ‘bad’ players – which seems to be a trend with modern multiplayer shooters.

Mendo reckons the developers at Respawn Entertainment could be ‘balancing’ the game in favor of less-skilled players (buffing Gibraltar and Caustic health, nerfing Wingman etc.), rather than true balance.


The Spitfire, a heavy-round LMG weapon, received one of the more severe nerfs, having its base damage-per-bullt reduced by two points.

Mendo also fears that Respawn will continue to nerf weapons’ TTK (time-to-kill) to the point where one player being able to ‘1v3’ would become near impossible.

In the next update, Mendo clearly wants some more of the bug issues fixed, namely hit registration and hit-boxes, as well as some much needed new content and modes to play.

Since release, only one new weapon and one new legend have been added. No new game modes or map changes have been made either, and by virtue of the nature of battle royale games, where players simply repeat the same gameplay loop repeatedly, these kind of changes are imperative to keep fans interested.