Why lowering FOV in Apex Legends could actually be better

Alex Garton
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The majority of Apex Legends players assume a higher FOV is better for spotting enemies, but lowering the setting may help you land more shots.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of Apex Legends will always be gunskill, but there are countless other factors that contribute to your skill in the Outlands.

One of which is your settings, which are completely customizable and provide an array of options to tweak. However, when it comes to FOV or ‘Field of View’ it’s typically assumed that the higher it can be set, the better.

This is because it determines how much of the surrounding landscape you can on the screen, making it possible to spot enemies in your peripheral vision.

Despite this, an Apex Legends YouTuber has showcased that lowering your FOV not only makes targets significantly bigger but also shrinks the size of your gun, so it may be worth testing out.

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Should you lower your FOV in Apex Legends?

As with any setting in Apex Legends, high or low FOV all comes down to personal preference but they do both have their pros and cons.

The advantages of a bigger FOV are that it’s possible to see enemies that would usually be off your screen, meaning you’re more likely to spot opponents before they get the first shot off on you.

However, as showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber The Gaming Merchant, lowering your FOV not only makes enemies’ hit models bigger, it also significantly shrinks the size of your weapon.

So, if you’re struggling to land shots in Apex, it may be worth reducing your FOV and testing it out in the Firing Range, it may help your performance in-game.

As noted by The Gaming Merchant, ALGS pro player ShivFPS prefers a smaller FOV as it gives him the best chance at landing every shot on a target.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the setting will fit your playstyle, but there’s only one way to find out, so jump onto Apex and experiment for yourself.