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Who is William Knight? ‘Coincidence’ TikTok star compared to new Apex Legend

Published: 20/Jul/2021 16:54

by Lauren Bergin


In the wake of Apex Legends Emergence’s announcement, the internet has been comparing new Legend Seer to TikTok star William Knight, but who exactly is this mysterious internet sensation? 

As Apex Legends’ ninth season, Legacy, comes to a close, all eyes are on the upcoming Season 10. Accompanying the update is a new weapon, and a collection of different buffs and nerfs, but possibly the most exciting thing is new Legend, Seer.

With African roots, the mysterious new character is cursed with the mark of the moth, a symbol that appears to underpin all of his abilities.

It turns out, though, that he bears an uncanny likeness to TikTok star William Knight, who has since jumped in to have his say on this bizarre turn of events.


Apex Legends Seer
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legend’s newest character, Seer, could easily be William Knight’s twin.

Who is William Knight?

TikTok star William Knight is known for his obscure videos and unique sense of style. Often seen in a wide-brimmed black hat and matching ebony outfit, he’s become famous for staring into the camera in random situations and informing viewers that “there’s no such thing as coincidence.”

His speech continues on from here to inform watchers that they’re watching his videos as they are “energetically aligned” with him.

Accompanied by a disarming, unblinking stare, the TikToker’s somewhat baffling videos have earned him over 760k followers on the app, with that number continuing to grow.

Apex Legends fans meme Seer for looking like Knight

As soon as Seer’s teaser trailer dropped, fans quickly linked the new Legend to Knight.


Aside from the very obvious physical resemblance, the character’s artsy personality, as well as his otherworldly abilities, mean that even his personality have been compared to the TikToker. Knight’s iconic cross-armed stance also mirrors Seer’s in-game splash art, drawing even more parallels between the two.

Apex Legends Seer William Knight TikToker
Instagram: williamknightt
Knight’s unique approach to TikTok has earned him a pretty impressive following.

Knight responds to Apex Legends fans

As the side-by-side image of the two immediately went viral, Knight has addressed the situation in a hilarious series of tweets.

Asking Apex Legends’ developers, Respawn Entertainment, to “explain this,” his tweet has accrued 77k likes at the time of writing. The same image was posted on his Instagram, also garnering almost 20k likes.


He also decided to ratio our Apex Legends News account in a post that has also gained over 48k likes.

Whether or not Respawn actually drew upon the spiritual TikToker’s likeness is pretty unclear, but either way Knight has etched his name into Apex Legends history. After all, there’s no such thing as coincidence, is there?