When will World’s Edge return in Apex Legends?

Alex Garton
Worlds Edge Apex Legends
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World’s Edge is being removed from the map rotation in Season 12, making way for Olympus and Kings Canyon, but when will the fan-favorite map return?

Season 12 of Apex Legends has finally arrived and it’s added a huge variety of content for players to enjoy.

Whether it’s the brand new Legend Mad Maggie, the 9v9 Control Mode, and of course, the major changes to the Olympus map, Respawn has certainly knocked it out of the park with Defiance.

However, with Kings Canyon and Olympus returning to the rotation, World’s Edge is being removed from the map pool.

While the fresh set of maps will certainly be appreciated by players, Words Edge is a fan favorite location, so when can we expect it to return?

Apex Legends Worlds Edge
Respawn Entertainment
Worlds Edge is being removed from the rotation in Season 12.

When is World’s Edge back in Apex Legends?

Despite calls from players to keep every single map permanently in rotation, Respawn always removes a map from the pool with every new season. In Defiance, it’s World’s Edge that’s being put on ice while Olympus and Kings Canyon get their time in the spotlight.

As for when we can expect World’s Edge to return, it’s likely the devs will re-introduce the map in Season 13. However, it is possible they leave it out of the rotation for longer depending on their long-term plans.

For the time being, Respawn has not revealed any information related to the return of World’s Edge, so it’s just a case of waiting for any future announcements.

Apex Legends Worlds Edge
Respawn Entertainment
Season 12 went live on February 8, 2022.

It’s possible World’s Edge makes a return in Season 13 with significant changes like Olympus has in Defiance, but as there’s little to no information on Respawn’s plans, it’s impossible to know.

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