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When is Kings Canyon returning to Apex Legends?

Published: 5/May/2021 17:07 Updated: 2/May/2022 20:31

by Nick Farrell


The onset of Apex Legends Season 9 has seen the beloved map Kings Canyon depart the map rotation. If you can’t wait for the original map to return, here’s when we can expect it back.

The launch of Season 9 of Apex Legends has been one heavily enjoyed by players, bearing they can get onto the game’s servers. The new Season was met with an ample amount of server crashes as hundreds of thousands of players flocked to check out EA’s new content within Apex.

One change that was announced in the lead-up to Season 9 was that King’s Canyon, the very first map apart of the Apex Legends realm, would not be within the new season. But, it won’t be gone forever.


apex legends season 9 map rotation
World’s Edge and Olympus are the only maps for Season 9

Will Kings Canyon ever return?

A week before the launch of the new Apex Legends Season, Respawn Entertainment clarified which maps players would be able to hop into when the season released.

However, one notable point within this tweet was that there would only be two maps for Season 9, Olympus and World’s Edge.

Of course, these are in addition to the five Arenas maps, for the new mode.

kings canyon return apex legends season 9
Kings Canyon was the first map ever in Apex Legends

Kings Canyon was Apex’s very first map into the rotation, and this is not the first time they have removed it from the map pool. Season 7 of Apex Legends was one where we got to play all three maps over the course of the season, but only very briefly, when the Mirage Voyage returned. In Season 8, World’s Edge was gone for the whole season.


Kings Canyon will almost certainly return at the start of Season 10, as Respawn will look to switch up the rotation once again.

On the flip side, we could see Kings Canyon emerge this season as a special LTM for players to enjoy. This could come later down the line as the season progresses to change up the pace a bit!

This occurred for a two-week stint back in Season 7, which was the only time that all three maps have been in rotation at the same time.