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Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked: Splits, changes, maps

Published: 8/Sep/2021 9:50

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends Emergence didn’t bring any big changes to Ranked Play, with the focus on Ranked Arenas instead. But, like previous seasons, there is still a mid-season split to reset.

Apex’s Ranked Leagues allows trios to drop into matches against players who will closely match their skill level, and put their own skills to the test – to be rewarded at the end of the season.

Players have to work their way up the Ranked ladder, with the ultimate goal of reaching Apex Predator (the top 750 players). The higher a player’s rank, the better their rewards will be.


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Apex Predator is the top Rank players can achieve.

As has been the case since Season 4, the Ranked Leagues will be split into two across the course of Season 10, with ranks resetting at the start of the second split.

Ranked rewards are then calculated based on the highest rank players achieve across the two splits.

When is Ranked Split 2 in Season 10?

Season 10 Ranked will change maps with the mid-season split. The first Ranked split of Season 10 will end on September 21. World’s Edge will be the map for this whole split.

Then, on September 21, Ranked Split 2 will begin.

What map is Ranked Split 2 in Season 10?

On September 21, players will face a ‘soft reset’ and a map change, with World’s Edge being replaced by Kings Canyon.


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Kings Canyon has undergone a number of changes since Apex first launched.

There is no Olympus in Season 10 Ranked.

At the end of Season 10, your highest rank throughout the Season will be the rank you receive rewards for.

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