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When does Apex Legends Season 7 start? Season 6 end, Nova, Predator

by Isaac McIntyre


Apex Legends Season 7 is now fast becoming a reality, as Respawn prepares for the second anniversary of their mega-popular battle royale. Here’s everything we know so far, including a potential new map, the leaked Legend, and more.

There’s plenty that’s just arrived in Apex Legends, but once you get through all the awesome new content ⁠— Rampart, the Volt SMG, the World’s Edge update, and more ⁠— eyes will, as per usual, turn towards the next season again.


Season 7 certainly seems like it's set up to be a banger too. Fans could finally head to a third battle royale map, if teasers are correct, and the new Legend sounds like a lot of high-flying fun as well.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Season 7, from the new guns, to Legends, maps, and when the update is expected to arrive.


Rampart in the Apex Legends Season 6 trailer.
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart is the newest addition to Apex Legends in Season 6.

When is Apex Legends Season 7?

Season 7 is set to begin on Thursday, November 10. This new seasonal start-date is based on the Season 6 battle pass duration, which is already set to expire on the same day. Season 6 rewards will also be unavailable after this date.

That means this season will run for 85 days, or around three months. That is the usual length for Apex Legends seasons, super-long Season 4 notwithstanding. During that time, a handful of LTMs and events are expected to run.

There is a chance Respawn has to delay Season 7 as well, so keep that in mind as we get a little closer to the date. The developers pushed Season 6’s launch date back a week, and that may affect the following seasons a little too.


Who is the Season 7 legend?

There’s been little in the way of leaks regarding Season 7’s legends, but all signs point to the next character being “Nova.” This new Legend has taken the place of Valk in the backend, at least according to data miner Shrugtal, for now.

Valk’s original title was “the soaring aviator”. Old leaks suggested she was going to be able to control her skydiving and float using VTOL jets. She also had an ultimate called “Skyward,” though little was known about what it may do.

We’ve also seen a few new animations slowly appearing in the code for the character, which we’ll start calling Nova. The animations are mostly related to executions, and show grav lifts, grenade explosions, and more.


Apex Legends data miner Biast12 also uncovered new UI images for Nova’s ability. He said it may be a gravity lift, repulsor, or a deployable trophy system similar to Wattson’s ultimate.

Finally, new voice lines referencing mysterious Legend called “Horizon” ⁠— who many believe could be Nova/Valk) ⁠— have also been uncovered. The lines mention Apex’s firing range, and the character sounds at least a little bit Scottish.

None of this has been confirmed by Respawn just yet, however. The devs have proven they’re more than happy to bait and switch leakers ⁠— Forge never made it past trick trailers ⁠— so do keep that in mind when discussing Nova/Valk/Horizon.

Will Apex Legends Season 7 have new guns?

The biggest frontrunner for the Season 7 gun is the newly-discovered “Predator” machinegun found in the code after the August 18 update. At the moment it’s just string codes, so there’s nothing we can show you, unfortunately.

We do know it’s going to be a big gun though. The code references “shell drops,” which could mean it’s similar to Rampart’s new Sheila mounted turret. There are also references to “second shots,” meaning it could have two modes of fire.

Eagle-eyed Apex Legends fans also spotted a strange composite bow in one of the early S6 trailers too. The odd bow was seen again in an official image shared by Respawn, which has since been deleted by the developers.

This compound bow could be the next Season 7 weapon, and would certainly be exciting if it was. Apex Legends has yet to add any truly out-of-the-box guns or weapons to its arsenal. We think a combat bow would be pretty damn cool!

Will there be a new map in Season 7?

There are two options Respawn may have for a potential Season 7 map to add to the battle royale’s battlefield picks alongside Kings Canyon and World’s Edge in November.

The first is city-scape “Olympus,” which has been regularly teased in the title since the start of Season 4’s promos. The other is the newly-discovered “Tropic Island,” which appeared in the code just a few days ago post-August 18 update.

If we had to tip one this far out, it would definitely be Olympus. The city on Psamathe has been mentioned far too many times for it to be a simple easter egg for Titanfall 2 fans. We have to end up there, one way or another.

Respawn has yet to officially comment on anything regarding Olympus. That means players only have the hints laced into the lore to go off. That said, when you combine the teasers — which the devs love to make use of ⁠— it does add up.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer map Angel City on Psamanthe.
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends could be moving to Olympus on Psamathe in Season 7.

How much will the Season 7 battle pass cost?

The battle passes for all previous Apex Legends seasons have cost 950 Apex Coins. You’ll probably be able to pick up 1,000 from the store for $9.99/£7.99 in the seventh season too.

You can keep hold of the free currency claimed through Season 6’s battle pass progression and use that too, if you haven’t already spent that on other Apex store goodies.

So, while not everything has been announced just yet, there’s all that we know about Apex Legends Season 7 so far. We’ll keep this article updated as new leaks emerge and Respawn drops more hints and news throughout season six.